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    I am NOT a VOLCANO and other such stories.

    I'm a chaos wrangler, the badguy in all my son's stories, the mean old witch in my daughter's fairy tale games, and "MY mommy" to my youngest. We're just trying to survive, and having a great time doing it....more

    I am Rainbow

    musings and events in my life ...more

    I Am Recessionista

    One-liner on why I decided to start this blog: "My deep love for fashion started since I was 3 when I said the word "dress", people call me a Fashionista but I don't work in fashion, and now I have taken it upon myself to be the Best Frugal Fashionista a.k.a. Recessionista." ...more

    i am the diva

    views of the world from a little ol town named saskamatoon. ...more

    I Am The Unreliable Novelist

    I'm writing a feminist fairy tale spy novel. And you can help. (Please help.)...more

    I Believe In Love...

    A blog about this American's gal adventures of living in Africa while raising 2 kids, with a little bit of craft and recipe ideas thrown in for good measure. ...more

    I Blog 4 Boys

    Location United States See map: Google Maps I'm Janet, a Jersey girl, wife of an RPGing, hockey-playing/coaching, programmer husband and mother of the 4 boys we are in charge of together. Our oldest son is 15 with Down syndrome and has a way of making life difficult and beautiful all at the same time. Our 9 year-old, adorkable boy is a fact-absorbing, kenetic ball of energy, who can change diapers....more

    I can be strong

    I have two wonderful kids, a great career, and I am a domestic violence survivor. One of my mottos as things got tough, especially after I left my husband, was "I can do this, I can be strong." It is my sincere desire that I can play a part in giving this courage and strength to others in the same situation by sharing my story....more

    I Can Grow People

    Aaron and Lori met in Maine, started dating in Connecticut, got married in New York and now live in Florida.  Together for six years and married for three, they just welcomed their son and first child into the world on April 15, 2009–a good 5 weeks before their little one was expected to arrive!  Now Aaron, Lori and their son Porter are enjoying life as a family!    ...more

    I can't make this up

    After being told by many friends that I am a natural story-teller and my stories are too funny not to share, I decided to take the plunge and get into blogging.  I enjoy sharing my take on life and things that happen along the way.  These are real stories about my life; I can't make this up....more

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