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    I Could Cry But I Don't Have Time

    Amy blogs about the absurdities and antics of everyday life. She is the mom of a college student and a recent college grad. She began blogging to share the funnier side of parenting teens, which can often be a less than funny endeavor. Her blog has evolved into a place where people can get a daily laugh, take life a little less serious and realize that this ride we call parenthood should be savored. Each week her Time to Cry Tuesday posts take a break from the humor and focus on a poignant look at life –sometimes family-related, sometimes personal growth, always reflective....more

    I deserve it!

    I Do Know how She Does It

    I'm one of those 'trying to have it all women.' Kids, career, husband, shaved legs. And yes, I'm exhausted and overwhelmed and overbalanced. And every day is a cascade of compromises. ...more

    I Eat My Pigeon

    The Chronicled Humiliations of an American Expat Living in Japan ...more

    I Fall Down Alot

    Iris ...more

    I Feel Your Pain

    "I Feel Your Pain" is award winning comedy writer Barb Best's humor blog. Barb Best is the 2010 Erma Bombeck Global Humor Winner and a Top 10 in The Robert Benchley Humor Competition. She has written for Joan Rivers, various print and online publications including and Her work is included in the anthology "My Funny Valentine." Turning misery into funny one pain at a time....more

    I Haven't Even Begun to Procrastinate!

    My blog is my journal, my soapbox and my outlet for the thoughts in my head that are just itchin' to come out! ...more

    i heart motherhood

    I am a artist, a baker, a cake decorator, a mormon, a wanna-a-be chef, and a wife. And most importantly I am a mom! To literally the sweetest boys, Georgie & JackJack.I love to create. This blog is about all that I am and what I do....more

    I heart PGH

    I heart PGH is a guide to greatness in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The places and things we love the most about Pittsburgh are not always the easiest to find, so we started this little websi ...more

    I is Jacinda

    Personal blog....more

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