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    I've Been To Me

    Present.  Perfect.  Tense....more

    I've got a crush on ... ME!

    The journey of a formerly suicidal manic-depressive as she discovers the joys of being alive every single day. This is pretty much just me rambling about how happy I am not to be suicidal any more. Which is pretty big doings for me. It's also an attempt to share my experiences in hopes that it might somehow help someone else who is where I was... and is having trouble believing that you can change your world. Some posts are just silly, some are more deep, but hopefully they all prove the point that life can be, and is, a wonderful thing and no matter how hard things are at the moment: they will get better. You just need to hang on. ...more

    I've Got A Little Space To Fill

    A peek into the life of Mama, Papa and Baby Bear. Includes recipes, frugal tips, being green tips, personal finance and our debt repayment plan as well as money saving tips. ...more


    If I am jumping in joy, or down with remorse, excited coz of a surprise or bored to the level of boredom, this, my second home, as I call it, comes to my rescue. I can share just about anything and everything with my Blog. ...more


    Food, family, and crafting.  All things fun....more



    I’m a former IT professional turned stay at home mom. I have traveled the US installing computer systems; I have worked for huge corporations; I have worked for a small private University and have held many other positions in between. But none of my jobs prepared me for what a stay at home mom goes through every day. I used to bitch and moan about users who couldn’t print to save their lives or forgot how to actually turn on their computer. Now I complain about the tantrums my toddler throws. Sometimes to mix it up a little, I complain about the bad drivers on the road....more

    iCafe Woman Moderne

    Does stress have the upper-hand at work?  Are you fantasizing about running off to Bora Bora when your phone is ringing off the hook and the xerox machine ate your copies again?  Our iCafe Woman Moderne Divas show you how to turn office stress into office calm by using spa tips right at your desk that can get you  humming through your work week. ...more

    icarevillage truly provides everything eldercare. It's a one-stop resource center, where you can easily access all the information and emotional support you need. You'll find vital information and tools on everything from memory care to incontinence, from where to find housing to where to vent frustration. No topic is left unturned....more

    Ice Axe and Heels

    An inspirational resource for active women. Stylish activewear for women, technical gear and reviews, sporty trends and more. Bilingual blog: English and Polish language versions....more

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