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    J's Thoughts and Musings

    What's it like living as a 40 something overweight Mom in the Northeast? How does she manage life with 3 boys in transition? What does she do to stay sane? Changes are happening for this Mom, ...more

    J.D. Moms

    We are three lawyer moms with seven kids under the age of 5. Because we weren’t busy enough (yeah right), we’ve decided to blog about our adventures balancing babies and the billable hour....more

    Jack Sprat's Wife

    A lifestyle blog about the things I enjoy, including trying out fun recipes, creating, my family, and parenting, while also having a place to work through the things I enjoy a little less, like the perpetual struggle to live a healthy lifestyle....more

    Jacqueline Gum - Where's The Justice

    Author Jacqueline Gum discovered through her first two novels that she had a penchant for dealing with issues of justice - Her blog is all about "Where's the Justice" and deals with every topic of justice you can think of, from social injustice to political nonsense to the injustice of divorce and aging... Her take is fresh and candid and laugh out loud funny, but also makes you think. Judging from the great comments left by readers she's definitely found a niche and struck a cord... ...more

    Jacqueline Whitmore's Blog: A few "Whit-Bits" about my life and observations as an etiquette expert

    Inspiration, ideas and information to help you excel in business etiquette, eloquence and elegance.  Author Jacqueline Whitmore is an award-winning public speaker, national spokesperson, and foremost authority in business etiquette.  She is also the founder and president of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, FL.  Share your questions, opinions and ideas here, or by following her on Twitter or Facebook....more

    Jaded Sunburns

    Funny and full of snark, Jade takes daily activities and turns them into stories that anybody can relate to. ...more

    JadeLouise Designs

    Location Rexburg, ID United States See map: Google Maps JadeLouise designs is a PR and Family Friendly Hodge Podge blog with Family friendly Product reviews, Giveaways, DIY projects, Recipes, Homemaking skills, parenting, Health and wellness and lots more. I am a mother to three beautiful children 2 boys ages 7 and 6 and one little girl age 2. I'm a book-a-holic; and I love to Crochet.  ...more

    Jag saker job

    I'm the English Reference Librarian at a state university. This is my personal blog, where I discuss both my personal life and interests and professional issues. ...more


    Jahjong is my made-up word I use to describe anything when I can't think of the actual name - "You know, the JAHJONG!" My blog is a diary of my life. It is about marriage, family, pets, loss and celebration. I started it mostly for me - then for family and friends - and now it is for anyone who wants to read. ...more


    A BIG Blog for small people. ...more

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