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    Kansas Free Press

    By writing about the places, local events, politics and, especially, the people of Kansas, our journalists hope to coax others into a meaningful public conversations about our way of life and the future of Kansas. Our writers are chiefly interested in examining what the people of Kansas value most and how we, our communities and our governments respond to those values. Many of our journalists desire to exercise their 1st Amendment rights by gathering information about what happens in school board meetings, community events, county commission meetings or in the state legislature....more


    Hi! I’m Kathleen. I’m a wife and mother in my 30′s living just outside of Houston, Texas.I’ve been married to my husband David since October 3, 2008. We struggled with infertility and miscarriage for two and a half years before giving birth to our daughter Meredith on July 20, 2011. We welcomed our son Liam into the family on January 17, 2014. Jury’s out on whether or not we will have more kids (he says no, I say maybe)! We also have one crazy dog....more

    Kara Does Boise

    Being new to the Boise area, I have decided write about the many things we discover on our journey to get settled in. People in the area get homesick going across the street, so even the locals haven't discovered the gems in the area available for eating and visiting....more

    Kara Paslay Designs

    A blog full of out of the box design inspiration and tutorials.  Something new is always coming, with projects ranging from master bedrooms to movie sets, large scale window displays to furniture reclaimations.  Hopefully along the way you will find inspiration to pursue your passions and encouragement to never give up on your dreams....more

    Karen and Support and Information

    You won't feel so alone after you've been on to my site...more

    Karen Lynn - Hoo.Do Blog

    The place where I let it all hang out:  my life, blatherings and photography :) @karenlynnn...more

    Karen Lynn OBrien: Window Shopping for Role Models

    Karen Lynn O'Brien: Window Shopping for Role Models ...more

    Karen Shanley --writer, mom, dog lover

    Karen Shanley, author, mom, dog person extraordinaire, shares her quirky and insightful views on life. ...more

    Karen Sugarpants

    A hilarious (and sometimes serious) blog from the point of view of a Work-at-Home Graphic Designing Mama of two boys - one Good Child and one Troll Baby. She is married to a wonderful man who procrastinates fiercely but who loves her with everything he has got. Throw in a dysfunctional anxious female lab, and a rotten childhood that she sometimes reflects on, and you've got one funny, touching place to fall on a daily basis. ...more

    Karen's Home on the Blog

    Fiber, Gardens, Love, Life - not necessarily in any order ...more

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