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    A homeschooling, semi-homesteading, 40-something mom on the loose!  I write about kids projects, art, living in a remote cabin in Sequoia National Forest, and family.  ...more

    Karyne's Kronicles: The Krazy Escapades of a 40- Year Old Single Woman

    "Your life, my life, is given graciously by God. Our lives are not problems to be solved but journeys to be taken with Jesus as our friend and finest guide." (Henri Nouwen, "Spiritual Direction")" Travel along with me on my journey. Experience adventure, detours, plenty of "yarns", examples of God's AMAZING grace and plain old fun. Memories are treasures to be shared. ...more

    Kat Allmighty

    I think that knowledge should be the currency of the world. I think that we should learn to recognise information in all of it's various forms and take from them all that we can. I started blogging to be like everyone else. I continued blogging so I could be snarky on the internet. I still blog because by documenting my life and experiences I might help someone else in their quest for knowledge. ...more

    Kat Lady and the Tramp

    I take a humorous look at the events in my life and the lives of others. Some things I like to make fun of are my control issues, mental illness (even my own), and my mother. I know, I sound like a horrid person, but I promise, you'll laugh....more

    Kat O' Nine Tales

    I seem to be a magnet for "what-the-fuckery".  If that word offends you then I'm sorry but there's no other way to describe it.  People around me act mental, and I blame for the fact that I'm pretty mental myself.  My blog is about my journey to become a legit writer and the foibles that happen along the way--some of which most of them are my own fault....more

    Kat with a K

    I write mostly about books, knitting, and food, with some politics and random other things thrown in. Oh, and, of course, the occasional picture of my cat. ...more

    Kat's Cafe

    Kat's Cafe - Special Needs Parenting - Mommy Blogging - Reviews - Giveaways Kat's Cafe is a place to connect over special needs parenting. It's a passionate, personal place to learn about life as a special needs parent from Kat (and now hubby Jim)....more

    Kat's Mewsings

    I'm a 26 year old woman living in rural Ontario... I am write to keep myself sane and hopefully offer a little sanity and laughter to the other 20-somethings (and anyone else for that matter) out there who's lives didn't turn out exactly as they imagined upon graduation. I write about my life, my loves (Richard, my family, books, politics, entertainment and style)... I try to keep posts positive and insightful in the hopes that my blog may make someone's day a little easier. ...more

    Kate As Of Late

    Kate As Of Late is a blog all about my life as a student who lives downtown on the coast with her two fur-babies. I'm constantly trying to live life to the fullest and exploring new opportunities. I have made excellent friendships in the past year through blogging, and I can only hope to gain more!...more

    Kate Can Cook

    I’m Kate, aka bunnah, and I’m in my late-20s. I live in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I’m married to a wonderful guy (I refer to him as “Jazz” on the blog), and we have a 4-year old black and white ninja cat named Tink and a 3-year-old mini dachshund named Dylan. ...more

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