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    Keeping My Curves

     Keeping My Curves journals the great successes and colassal failures of a plus size women losing weight but not losing her curves. It tells the story through words and fashion. So that all women will know that it doesn't matter what size you are but you can still be curvy and stylish....more

    keeping my head on straight

    What a toll this economy has on our way of life? ...more

    Keeping The Time

    This is the story of two traveling teachers and two mischievous dachshunds as they travel around the world and teach.  Follow our traveling adventures and mishaps at our current location in Saudi Arabia!...more

    Keeping up with Cat in College

      Funny Girls, Housewives and  warm hearts, You are all invited to visit my blog!! A blog about the adventures of a Brazilian girl, happily married, living in the medieval city of Kilkenny in Ireland, getting ready to college and to restart her life. Information and lots of funny stories.  a blog where Ireland is seen from a different point of view. Sláinte, Cath...more

    Keeping up with the Carlson's

    Born and raised in Arkansas. Followed this cute boy to Harding University, graduated with a marketing degree. We got married April 15th 2006. I have been blessed with GREAT friends, a wonderful family, and a fabulous church group.We just bought our first house and have been working on it for the past 6 months! We are both actively involved in Make-a-Wish, Susan G Komen, and whatever other charity event that needs help! ...more

    Keeping Up With the Jones'

    Keeping Up With the Jones' is a funny but real life blog about a newly weds by 3 years as they merge their life together and make it together. There are funny real life situations, there are tears and victories. Come ready about our journey as we take one step at a time together....more

    Keeps Me Smiling

    For families on the go! ...more


    Musings from the field of mental health by a licensed therapist and certified life coach. ...more


    The best word I could use to describe myself is "Puzzle" I am so simple and so complex at the same time, but there is only one way to put all the pieces together. About 5 years ago I started off my journey as a Energetic Nursing major with a minor in Communications. After 30 units of biology courses, I realized I HATE BIOLOGY!! and I wasn't so Energetic about it.So I chose to Communications which I LOVED! So 2 years later I am a few months away from being a college graduate with a major in Comms and a minor in Bio (I had to do something with those 2 years worth of bio courses)....more


    the life of a thirty-something ...more

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