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    La Casa di Frigerio

    Seeking our bliss... Diary of our life in la casa di Frigerio....more

    La Ciudad de las Diosas

    La Ciudad de las Diosas es una Comunidad virtual de interés para la creación, el intercambio y la difusión del conocimiento con enfoque de género. ...more

    La Conquistadora

    This blog if anything, is to educate women of the opportunities available to us around the world. Women tend to be intimidated or afraid of traveling alone or being by themselves, which I find very unhealthy. Travel gives men and women the freedom and space for personal growth, which is very hard to come by these days. If I can make it in Europe for 6 months alone, then I encourage others to plan their own escape domestic or abroad, short or long term. Taking a few minutes to listen to yourself is all it takes....more

    La Dulce Vida - The Sweet Life

    Location Savannah, GA United States See map: Google Maps I was born on an enchanted island at the shores of the Caribbean Sea... Where I weaved seashells and starfish into my hair... Dreaming of mermaids, pirates and Undines. I played under the hot sun close to the equator and underneath many waterfalls for most of my childhood... I danced to African drumbeats underneath the moonlit skies... Under the rain forest canopy I fell in love for the first time... Now, I live where the sun rises on the coast of Georgia... Because the ocean is a part of me and who I am......more

    La Fabuliste

    I am 22 years old, and I dream about airports.  ...more

    La Fourchette s'est Emballée

    Leslie landed in the lavender and olives of Provence...fork in hand. In words and pictures, she shares the adventures of her new life from her little kitchen in the south of France. ...more

    LA Juice- Fresh Squeezed Sass | No Pulp

    LA Juice writes your wrongs on the mean streets of Los Angeles. This blog is all about life in LA from an escaped Detroiter's bemused, humorous often inappropriate perspective. Stories about LA at its most sublimely absurd. Features include, bizarre LA in photos,  Celebrities riding in elevators, Kittens who Haiku, Books that don't suck and Living well in the land of the endless summer....more

    La Moretta

    La Moretta runs the gamut from A (adoption) to V (vegetarianism). The author is in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia, but the blog includes posts on almost everything -- self improvement, running a business, jazz, television, books, animal welfare and microfinance. La Moretta is often a ridiculous do-gooder who tries not to take herself too seriously, but if she does, her regular commenters bring her back to earth (and provide recipe suggestions for the enormous number of sweet potatoes she's received from her local CSA). ...more

    La peliroja en Chapinlandia

    Redhead gringa sticking out like a sore thumb in Guatemala....more

    La Pointe of It All

    I write about writing, reading, teaching, traveling, commuting, whining, dining and living. Outside of my blog, I do those things on a daily basis. Go me. When I'm not blogging or working, I walk for fitness because running is too much of a commitment. I wear Vibram FiveFingers in an attempt to distract people from noticing my arms akimbo....more

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