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    LaToya M. Sutton

    I am a former newspaper reporter, and writing is my passion. I love being creative, and I’m always exploring different ways to express my creativity. You can see more of my creative work at In addition to writing and drawing, I also do a little bit of graphic design. Maybe one day I’ll post some of that too. ...more

    Lattes and Life

    My personal blog, focusing on what I'm reading, drinking, and baking. And a few bits about being a SAHM to my 10 month old...and any other random thoughts that pop in my mind. ...more

    Lauf(-) und Leckerei

    About the same time I was getting back into running, I realized I was taking too many pictures of food not to share them. To add to that, I'm still figuring out how to deal with the aftermath of brain surgery while studying abroad in Germany. Lauf(-) und Leckerei is a bit of each of those topics (and maybe more).  ...more

    Laughing at Chaos

    I ramble on giftedness and  twice-exceptionalities; on the eternal quest for life balance; on raising boys; on the uber-silliness that is life, the universe, and everything. My goals are to find the silver lining, to laugh to keep from screaming, to share the stories of my crazy life so that others know they’re not alone in their crazy lives....more

    Laughing Lindsay

    I just started blogging! ...more

    Laughing Out Loud

    Life is about finding the humor in everything. I'm not PC nor do I care. The only thing I stand for is a really good cocktail. Cheers!...more

    Laughter with the Lockharts

    Laughter with the Lockhart's is an outlet for me almost like a journal. I am able to post my concerns with my homeschooling, my family, my community and I am able to visually see the progression of my photography.  I find humor to be life's best medication and so I use it a lot in my writing and personal life. I love to laugh! ...more

    Laundry is NOT a hobby

    I'm a busy mom.  Wait, that's redundant... Let's just say I'm a mom.  And really, it's all I can do to remember what happened yesterday, let alone what happened when my baby was actually a baby (as opposed to the toddler she somehow became when I was sleeping or shopping or watching Glee or something).  Plus, with my family and friends spread all across the country, getting life updates out to the masses can be a chore. My solution?  My blog!  I write, they read, I don't have to send out eleven hundred emails to various people every time my kid does ...more

    Laundry Line Divine

    Location my laundry line 39 Hollenbeck Avenue Great Barrington, MA United States See map: Google Maps At Laundry Line Divine, I post what I see to celebrate the sacred in daily life. I am an artist, writer and full time Mom of two teens. My posts include art, photography and poetry. I often highlight other people who inspire me. I write about my family and my work as an artist. My page "Do One New Thing Every Day" invites readers to contribute to the growing roster of fresh steps we are all taking. Join in!...more

    Laura Jane Writes... On a Venn diagram, this is where Science and Magic overlap.

    This is a personal journal about life in LA, the people I love, the things I like to do and the mistakes we can all make.  Sometimes, as with many personal journals and blogs, I will employ a literary device called hyperbole.  Please take that into consideration when reading my thoughts about work, conversations with friends, and my mother’s cooking....more

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