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    I write what's on my mind on this blog, daily.  I hope it makes you laugh or stirs your heart or blesses your soul, or makes you think... ...more

    M.O.B. Mentalities

    A Humorous Look at Life as a "Mother of Boys"...more

    Ma Nouvelle Mode

    Our mission at Ma Nouvelle Mode is to encourage, motivate and inspire women of all walks of life to discover {or rediscover} their own fabulous panache. We want to see women build the confidence to embrace who they are through the modes of fashion, beauty, travel and other creative passions. Here we are building a community of supportive women who cheer each other on throughout it all!...more

    Ma Vie en La Mode

    In love with all things beautiful, Ma Vie en La Mode is a blog about the Beautiful Life of Jasmine Sinclair. All things from family, fashion, travel, and even the most mundane life has to offer. Documenting my journey and taking suggestions along the way....more

    Ma Voix

    A mind warped feminine biped. An amalgamation of personalities not always in consonance with each other. But then again, consistency is only for the dead. This blog exists to discover them all. I think we're making progress. ...more

    maarmie's musings

    My name is maarmie, and I am here to amuse you. On my blog, I write mostly about my life - and that includes stories about journalism, sex, social issues and current events. Read my blog, and you'll f ...more

    Maasive Miracle

    Hi. I'm Jules. I was a project managing, web-designing, writing extraordinaire. Now I'm a mom. Of triplets. And life couldn't be better. Unless it came with sleep. ...more


    omnisexual hellraising genderqueer gayrab ...more

    Mac & Fitz Speaks

    David Byrne once sang, "Well, how did I get here?!", and that sums it up for me...  Mac & Fitz Speaks shares vignettes of my messed up yet common life, from the ordinary moments such as entertaining children during a weeklong teacher's strike, forgetting that you were in charge of tonight's carpool and the week of barf patrol, to the not so normal dramas, like fleeing your home as it threatens to collapse, getting the call that your husband took a side trip to Kabul and conducting playdates inside a SWAT truck.  Think Green Acres...  I was supposed...more


    Hey folks! MacKensie here....more

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