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    New York Outdoors

    Entertainment and Information on having fun outdoors in New York State - hiking, biking, paddling, etc. ...more

    New York Portraits

    written and photographic portraits of the fabulous and over the top and often irritating city of New York. ...more

    New Yorkology: Amy's NYC Travel Tips


    This is our NEW letter where we discuss topics of interest for today’s woman and tell of reading, learning, and support opportunities.  It is a friendly letter of encouragement and inspiration, showing you that you are not alone, and that women coming together with ideas can help each other through the daily challenges we all face as women today. ...more

    Newlywed Adventures in the Army

    I started this blog a few days after I got married. I met my husband on January 1, 2007. I got married October 20, 2007. My husband is a soldier in the US Army and we met while he was stationed in Germany. We got married after spending probably a grand total of 20 days in 10 months together. When we got married I quit my job, said good-bye to my family and friends and moved away from home for the first time in my life. ...more

    Newlywed in New Orleans

    A Blog about the struggles of moving, creating the perfect apartment, being a newlywed and finding a job....far from The Big Easy.... ...more

    Newlyweds on a Budget

    Location Orange County United States See map: Google Maps Recent newlyweds trying to turn a house into a home on a shoestring budget....more


    Living the newlywed life one renovation project, dog bone or recipe at a time. ...more

    News From Italy

    Random postings to keep friends and family in touch with our life in Italy....more

    News from the Valley of the Kings

    Follow the latest Egytpology news from Luxor and Upper Egypt on this blog by Kate Phizackerley.  The blog has a high degree of reader engagement with lots of comments and relies on readers to send in photos and reports from their own trips to Egypt.  The focus is kept loose and anything about the New Kingdom, Upper Egypt, Amarna, Tutankhamun etc is considered in scope. ...more

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