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    Obsessions of a Workaholic

    I write about my life in Chicago, my experiences as a college teacher, and my struggles to survive and succeed in academia. I also blog about my online dating misadventures, as well as things I obsess over, such as the weird and sometimes annoying things that my neighbors do and interesting things that I observe on my daily commute. My goal is to be a published writer, so I also blog about the writing process and inspiration....more

    OC 2 Seattle

    This blog is about living, evolving, indulging and doing what we can every day to get the most out of life. ...more

    OC Pinay

    The adventures of a smart yet domestically-clueless filipina as she discovers the pleasures and pressures of married life in the OC. ...more

    Occidental Tourist

    I'm a mom, wife, traveler, and reader who likes to write about all of the above and more. Read here for my experiences in life, funny things my daughter said that everyone should know, and when you ...more

    Occupation: Girl

    Occupation: Girl: A journal of Cleoland, which is full of books and movies, parodies and recaps, dog stories and health problems, linkspam and WTFery. ...more

    OCD Dilemma

    My personal experiences and insights into living with OCD and struggling to not let it control my life....more

    OCD: A look at my crazy lovely life. :)

    I'm a wife, a mom, a reader, a cleaner, a photographer, a scrapbooker, a dreamer. I'm OCD to the most severe degree. I can't stand clutter. Weird textures. Anything sticky (wet wipes are a must!) and I'm germaphobic. I suffer from severe bouts of paranoia when it comes to my kids. (What is clean with kids, right? lol) Welcome to my little piece of imperfect paradise. :)...more


    My views on living in the UK as an American ex-pat, losing weight, trying to find a balance between exercise and food, attempting to accept my new-found love of running (and run more) and the differences and challenges I face. ...more

    Oceanic Wilderness

    From outdoor adventures to backyard gardening I touch on a variety of topics on the natural world. Other hobbies get included such as art and photography, crocheting and random thoughts with appearances by my family and friends.  I want to show that the outdoors are available to everyone. ...more

    Oceans and Mountains (and everything in between)

    I started this blog with the idea that it would be a sort of travel journal: semi-reviews of places I go and activities I try. However since I am (sadly) not constantly traveling there are many traditional "journal" elements to it too. I’ve read that to have a successfdul blog you need to have a consistent theme. To this I say that a) my theme is my life, which is pretty all over the place so I would expect for this to be too; and b) a “successful” blog is not my goal, I’m starting this with the intention of keeping a log for myself of the things I do and thoughts I have....more

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