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    Over the Threshold

    The day to day happenings in the life of a soon to be Navy wife....more

    Overblessed and Undercaffeinated

    Welcome to my blog. I am a Texas girl turned Oklahoman, Christ follower, coffee addict, self acclaimed pastry chef, and a bookworm. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, and daughter of Christ making my way through the "twenty-somethings" learning to live in the moement and embrace the blessings in front of me each day. Life's to short to wait around for it to start. There is joy to be found in every moment. Take the time to look for it. This is a conglomeration of my thoughts and ramblings on life, love, and the stories I find myself blessed to be a part of....more

    Overcoming Fear of Uncertainty

    Spiritual teacher, Jennie Marlow, and her colleagues blog about the spiritual journey and the challenges and rewards that overcoming fear of uncertainty presents to us. This blog offers a unique perspective about spirituality in the Post-New-Age and how we might shed the New Age conditioning that keeps us chasing our fantasies instead of employing our energy productively and sustainably....more


    The world is full of pain. We can not escape it, we can not make is dissapear. The most amazing people I know are those who have learned to turn their tragedies into triumphs, their pain into passion for life, and the broken peices into an image of imense beauty and strength. Overcomingloneliness delvs into the world of pain, with the view there is a purpose for every pain, trial, and sorrow we experience. Wether it is the pain of Loneliness, fear, disapointment, abuse, there is a purpose and meaning. ...more

    Overflowing Brain

    Overflowing Brain ...more

    Overpaid, Oversexed, and Over Here

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Karen traded the sunshine of Los Angeles for the quirk and class of London in 2009.  She writes about the expat experience and life in England more generally.  She also likes to talk about running, which is so much better than actually running....more

    Overthink: The Mind of Christine

    I'm dorky, I'm brainy, I'm a writer, and I live in New England. As the title suggests, I tend to be a deep thinker, which sometimes leads to bouts of depression. I've been married for four years to a great guy who was diagnosed with lupus in August 2005. ...more

    Own The Sidewalk

    One re-planted urban Alaska girl's misadventures in "adulthood." You'll laugh, you'll cry — okay, you'll probably just laugh. But you'll be laughing with her, not at her. Well, usually. Read for offbeat social commentary, shoe worship, gratuitous pop-culture references, extended metaphors, and important sociological insight — like why you should never put on eyeliner until the date is confirmed, or why men who love Bob Dylan are romantic time bombs. ...more

    Owning Pink

    A gutsy guide to getting your mojo back...more


    Oy! is a lifestyle blog commemorating life's richest moments. Traveling adventures and city living are amongst the important topics of discuss. Not taking myself too seriously is the approach. Aaaaannd go!...more

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