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    Oh Sh!t Rachie's 25!

    Rachie has turned 25 and she's, well...pissed! The misadventures and rantings of a girl who always thought *whatever this is* would be much better/easier/richer/sexier or whatever.    Sometimes silly, sometimes tragic but always 100% true...unfortunately. ...more

    Oh That Is So Gay!

    The adventures of a formerly straight girl and her posse ...more

    Oh the possibilities!

    Wife, mother, eager learner, voracious reader, keen writer, shopaholic, blogaholic, weight watcher, handbag lover, baby theologian, excited about love, always hope filled, proud co-founder of "Say it with Flowers" and "Whispered Support," trying to mesh the mantra "to just be" with "My next project is..." Thanks for stopping by my blog. Leave a comment and I'll return the favour! ...more

    Oh Waily Waily

    Oh Waily Waily is a blog about being a mother to two young kids.  It is also a personal blog talking about travel, books, cross stitch, family life and anything else that comes to mind....more

    Oh Wells Instead Of What Ifs

    A twenty-something attempting to navigate this crazy thing called life!  Come and join me for a crazy ride....more

    Oh! For Goodness Gracious!

    Location Salt Lake City, Utah United States See map: Google Maps Life as a young, soon-to-be wifey, recent college grad in a town 1,600 miles away from the only home I've ever known is the most beautiful, crazy, stressful thing I could have ever imagined. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I blog about life, fashion, sports, my faith, crafting, and food.  I love my adorable fiancĂ©, my needy Cavalier King Charles puppy, creating pretty things, and blogging. I'm forever evolvoing and so is my blog....more

    Oh! How Lovely!

    23 year old girl in Chicago. I'm a nanny and plan on going to nursing school, if I ever get there. I only like pink and red Starbursts. I'm a big fan of buying things I cannot afford. I know absolutely everything you didn't really want to know about celebrities. I think I have fabulous music taste and tend to post mp3s often ...more

    Oh, Eliza!

    Twentysomething female blogs about life, love, and everything in between. ...more

    Oh, Silly Kanigget

    Oh, So Very Me

    Small personal blog. Some parenting issues here and there, but mostly about life in general. Contains photography, art, reviews and more!!...more

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