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    A sometimes humorous look at my life and the mishaps that I encounter on an almost daily basis. With 4 kids and a husband, I'm half crazy (but in a good way...Blink Blink Blink). Really. ...more


    Location Florida United States See map: Google Maps OhBuoyancy! is where I, Reese, blog about all the things that keep me from sinking. I write about food, photography, books, and most recently, babies!...more


    Location Seattle, WA United States See map: Google Maps My blog is most like a life journal. My topics change from day to day, depending on what is exciting that week. It might be a product review, rant about a bad movie, dumb things other people say or an update of the progress on my home remodel. I try to keep it fresh and write the way that I speak. Which includes a lot of sacrcasm and dry humor....more

    Ohhhhh Say Can You See

    The musings and ramblings of an American Expat living in rural England....more


    Who needs a Ph.D when you've got OCD and ADHD? :)...more

    okay, peanut.

    I’m minski, also known as “the wife” and “peanut’s mom,” and this is my life ...You'll find our daily musings, word of the week posts, recipes, hobby trials and tribulations, photography tips, and much, much more! ...more

    Old Bag

    I'm a 40+ year-old Minnesotan who bicycles -- and skis and runs and sometimes just stands-around -- through life... ...poetry, essays and photos. ...more

    Old Digger

    I like to blog about history, antiques, my kids, pets, and anything that catches my interest. I love reading other people's blogs and interacting with other bloggers. Please stop by and say "hello". ...more

    Old Enough to Know Better, too Young to Care

    I'm a 30-something, childless woman and I love me life.  I'm in a committed, loving, long-distance relationship with a wonderful man.  I'm a proud auntie to two beautiful nieces, a proud mama to a quirky cat and one unfriendly and probably lonely turtle.  I love my friends, family and my job and I'm probably the least angsty person I know.  One might think this would provide little blog fodder, but you'd be wrong.  I may be sane, but my friends and family are crazy! ...more

    Old Musings

    Ramblings. Musings, Ponderings, sometimes ponderous. Interspersed with recipes, books, music. Stories of death and life and grief mixed generously with an attitude of gratitude. That's Old Musings. ...more

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