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    P E N S I E V E

    More addictive than crack--one hit and you'll be hooked!! :) Except I've never done drugs so I'm not completely sure of the accuracy of the above statement. And now I'm afraid I've scared you off! NO! WAIT!! COME BACK! READ PENSIEVE JUST ONCE!! PLEASE?? Let's leave it with I'm an above average writer who'll leave you smilin' or thinkin' and sometimes even both. That's good enough for me :). ...more

    P.S. I Love You

    Currently, first and foremost I am ‘Mama’.  I used to also hold the cherished title of wife, soulmate & best friend to the love of my life and my husband Elias, who passed away on April 22nd, 2009 from a brain tumour.  Since he’s not here to talk with any longer I’ve taken to writing him letters as I try to figure out my new life without him. ...more

    Pagan Godspell

    Pagan Godspell is the testimony of Gospel Pagan Ruby Sara. Musings on Contemporary Paganism, theology, ecospirituality, politics, life, and other Good News. ...more

    Pagan Witch - The Spiritual Journey of a Single Mom is where Christine, a single mother of two boys, expresses her spirituality, her ideas on homeschooling, and gives insightful reviews on the latest products, books, services, & websites. Being a single mother of two boys, homeschooling, and working at home, Christine has a perspective on things that only she can express. She has been homeschooling for 14 years, and has been single for 10 of those years. Christine has lived her life as an example for her children, wanting them to live as she does, to the best of their ...more

    Paige Worthy

    Lucky in life, unlucky in love. Mostly. A refreshing blend of New York sass and Midwest sweet, Paige Worthy has been blogging before everyone was doing it, eating obsessively before "foodie" was a thing, and overanalyzing life and love long before Carrie Bradshaw made it sexy....more

    paikea's blog

    About anything which comes to mind - politics, culture, books, movies, life, philosophies ...more

    Painting an Everchanging Canvas

    Painting an Everchanging Canvas is a blog about Serena's college and post-college life as a "nontraditional" student pursuing the arts yet planning to stay in Silicon Valley, her spontaneous globetrotting adventures and mishaps, and the various tech and design trends on her radar....more

    Painting and Decorating

    Fun and practical tips for painting and decorating from Sydney Master Painters Courtney and Wise, Pty. ...more

    Painting life Yellow

    This is about my life, and all things about me! ...more


    My endless quest for motherhood and the perfect 4-inch stilettos. With a little extra snark for good measure. This is where I keep my ramblings as they have gotten too numerous to store in my head. ...more

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