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    paint sew glue chew is a blog about the things my family and I make, are inspired by or love....more

    Paisley and Porter

    Paisley and Porter is a lifestyle blog that focuses on interior design, DIY projects, and budget home decorating. The blog shows the process of making a beautiful home on one income in difficult economic times and embraces the use of repurposed vintage and antique items to add character and charm....more

    Paisley Boulevard

    I'm Colleen and my blog is Paisley Boulevard.  I love writing, laughing, my family, and trying new things. Paisley Boulevard is my personal space that I share bits of all of that, perspectives on life, fun projects, and DIY beauty products (obsessed!). I have crazy ideas and out of nowhere ventures because I clearly have  personal interest ADD. Anything goes over there, and I like it that way.   ...more


    A bit about my love of language in spanish, design, and cinema. Mini-movie recipes and photos. ...more

    Palm Breezes

    Living in Hawaii, pets and family and life after abuse. ...more
  • palmerbennett

    Location @ home Raleigh, NC United States See map: Google Maps My writing is filled with witty situations and realizations that relay my truth as a single, working mother of biracial heritage....more

    I've just discovered this world and am already in love! Speaking of love...I hope you'll take ...more

    Pam-a-rama ding dong

    Honest, sometimes funny, always authentic look at parenting young children, weight loss, and life....more

    Pamela Leavey: Musings and other Ramblings

    Sometimes I muse and I ramble because I can. ...more

    PandaBox33s Blog

    I know that reading a blog satisfies the voyeur in us. Writing it satisfies the exhibitionist in me. I feel that I throw a bottle in the sea every time I write something. I hope it will touch someone. I have a cat, I live with my boyfriend, I am unioned. I don't have kids (yet), no car, no TV, no Ipod, no radio. I love TV series on DVD or online, coffee, dark chocolate, grocery shopping relaxes me, I am a magazine junkie and I love pilates and zumba.I am told I am simple and complicated at the same time....more

    Pandesaldreamer's Wonder Bread Thoughts

    'm a fun-loving; coffee fiend; sugar free red bull freak; loves to laugh kind of person. People tell me that I am always in a good mood and smiling. But, I beg to differ and I bet you people very very close to me will to :) I enjoy sunny days; hanging out in book stores; and trying out new things ...more

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