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    People become stories and stories become understanding

    I write about everything. I'm a New Zealander living in Europe, I lived and worked in Turkey for two years. My interests are as diverse as travel, photography, news, war, social sciences, immigratio ...more

    People Do Things With Their Lives

    Stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things. As an example, a grandmother who must rise to the challenge of raising her 3 granddaughers, a teenager who invented a devise to aid the phantom pain of amputees, a woman helicopter pilot in Dubai. All of this interspersed with stories of my 5 sisters and our early lives growing up in rural PA....more

    People I Want to Punch in the Throat

    This blog doesn't fit into any one category.  It's basically everything I come across that bugs me whether it's parenting, politics, celebrities, current events, or you name it I blog about it - in a hysterical and irreverent way. This blog is not for the weak-hearted, I swear a fair amount, I lean just left of the center, I am sarcastic, satirical and I call it like I see it. The description I hear the most is I say out loud what everyone else is thinking, but they're too afraid to say....more

    Pepita: Motherhood, and Then Some.

    I am a new mother, a freelance writer, and a frequent contributor to Bitch magazine. I write about child development and parenting, the personal and the political. ...more

    Pepperoni Is Not a Vegetable

    You won’t find any preachy stuff here. This blog is here to help you eat less meat, plain and simple. It will help you save time, find and make delicious food, and keep you informed and inspired about what’s going on in the world of vegetarianism. Really, it's just all about spreading some veggie love. Welcome. :)...more


    Location Arizona United States See map: Google Maps Two sisters write about design, bikes, DIY, trash, style, art, life and the people we love...more

    Peppylady All Most Perfect World

    Peppylady Almost PreFect World

    I talk that a good word for blogging or posting. Nothing taboo and honesty is very important to me. I like to offer a multi of subject of life and read other blogs that offers variety in life. ...more

    Perched To fly

    Perched to Fly is a source of inspiration and illumination to help you clear your path to a life of fulfillment. Kelly Dahl is a personal coach helping women to uncover what true fulfillment looks like and finding ways to make an amazing and fulfiilling life a reality. Kelly's own journey into motherhood was struggle to say the least. Now she dedicates herself to helping women make the most of their lives as women and mothers....more


    Stuff worth thinking about. Maybe. If you're me. ...more

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