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  • Paradise Preoccupied

    Views of the world from a tiny African island through the eyes of an expat island-dwelling, impatient and opinionated wife, mother, writer, adoption advocate, sun-worshipping ...more

    Paradise Preoccupied follows adoption issues and news of the world from a sun-drenched veranda ...more

    Parent Palace

    Location The Blogosphere Parent Palace offers articles on several topics, ranging from careers to sex & relationships and several in between. It is maintained by a group of bloggers with a passion for writing, and an even bigger passion for their families. Whatever your reading needs, you're sure to find it on Parent Palace!...more

    Parenthetical Thoughts

    26, just married, detailing my journey to figure out WTF I am doing with my life and the distractions along the way.   ...more

    Our journey through pregnancy into parenthood ...more

    parenting BY dummies

    Rarely serious, always humorous, blog about family, fashion, and living fabulous....more

    Parenting Children with Health Issues

    Special parenting skills are needed to raise kids with special healthcare needs! This blog helps parents discover how to help their child cope well with challenges, comply with medical requirements and live a hope-filled life....more

    Parenting Teens Blog

    Some people fear the teenage years - some revel in it. Lessa is one of the latter! Raising teenagers is FUN. Yes, Really. ...more

    Parenting with a Menatal Illness

    Parenting is difficult and even harder if you suffer from a mental illness. I am a mother who suffers from Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. Some of you will see that you are not alone in your thoughts, some will gain insight into a stigmatized world and others will simply judge. No matter what you take from reading my entries, you will see what the world is like through the eyes of someone else. Perhaps you will laugh, smile, cry or perhaps you will feel nothing at all... ...more

    Parents of NY Teens

    I am the parent of teen girl and special needs son who is inching closer to the perilous teen years. I created the Parents of NY Teens Listserve to help parents muddle through the difficult world of parenting teenagers in this city. If you live in the NYC area and have a preteen or teen and wish to join, send an email to  The blog is a great way to archive information shared on the list-serve so all parents, not just those on the list, can find suggestions for tutors, schools, programs suitable for their teenagers....more

    Parga's Junkyard

     Parga’s Junkyard covers various parts of life as it relates to myself, my family and my faith.  Parga’s Junkyard has evolved into a way to share not only tidbits about my family and my favorite recipe’s but also has become a way to share about budgeting, couponing, and living life on a shoestring....more

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