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    Pretty and Yummy

    Is a lifestyle blog that explores all things pretty and yummy through discussions about food, restaurants, Denver, design, cooking, remodeling, house design, music, movies, art, color, gardening and travel. ...more

    Pretty Cripple - Fashion, politics, food and what makes my world roll

    Welcome to my world on wheels! Here’s what makes me roll: the art scene, music, artisanal food, great fashion, global politics and my love for animals. Graphic design is my profession and I’ve branched out exponentially. Fun-loving with an infectious laugh, I love great conversations with amazing depth.I get around in a wheelchair due to unfortunate circumstances in the 90′s. Nothing stops me from living life to its fullest....more

    Pretty Girl Fit

    Location Atlanta, GA United States See map: Google Maps A blog written by a twenty-something year old about fitness....more

    pretty hot and tempting

    A weblog by twenty somthing Burmese girl living in Singapore ...more

    Pretty Lady

    Hilarious, snarky blog from a Manhattan hottie. ...more

    Pretty Little Pink Things

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps Pretty Little Pink Things showcases everything I'm loving and lusting after at the moment. I love to share my favourite music, recipes and current knitting & crochet goals....more

    Pretty Little Snippets

    Location Durham, NC United States See map: Google Maps Where the search for the pretty image, the beautiful life, the vintage memory, and the classic style stays grounded with social awareness.  ...more

    Pretty Organized

    This site is all about real life.   Our goal here is learning to work within our personalities & leverage who we are to stay organized. We're real people who run crazy-busy lives & still want to be neat and tidy(ish). Topics include DIY projects, home improvement, decorating, storage solutions, small space living, productivity tips, and general awesomeness. :)...more

    pretty pieces

    a 30 something southerner, interior designer, & entrepreneur. an extreme online shopper with nomadic traits. i’ve lived, studied, and worked in istanbul, vienna, warsaw, budapest, san francisco, napa, panama city, d.c., memphis, alexandria, and athens. i love constant change, good light, great space, the right paint color, the power of wallpaper and a good sense of scale, good manners, outfit appropriateness, a glass of wine at the end of the day, well laid plans, cold beer & pizza, country music, and the hunt. i have three ...more

    Pretty Things

    A blog about life, craft, books, and the occasional hilarity.  All while chasing a kid. ...more

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