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    Paris Parfait

    An American in Paris writes about a "parfait sundae" of art, antiques, culture, poetry and politics. ...more

    parisienne mais presque

    A Seattle-born pseudo-Parisienne tries to answer: which is more of an adventure, life in Paris or motherhood? ...more


    I am a thirty-something editor living in sourthern California but originally from the Boston area, which means my blog is equal parts laidback sunshine and smartass sarcasm. I recently eloped and also recently left the confines of a cubicle to enter the world of freelance, and I blog about the things that comprise my life: freelancing, psychology, publishing, books, movies, marriage, family, diet, fashion, feminism, human rights, atheism, fencing, yoga, traveling, cooking, pets, poetry, wine tasting, thrift shopping, theatre-going, music, and more! Check it out. ...more

    Parlant a 'lEther

    This is a personal blog dispatched out of West Seattle, Washington State. Topics include recruiting, knitting, TV, books, the internets, comic books, art, politics, and my insecurities. ...more

    Parlez-vous kiwi?

    A blog about my life and travels and everything in between. ♥ Love my friends, wine, music and travelling the globe. I am a kiwi girl with a frenchman. Ponder for a moment, stay for a while or come back often. ...more

    part of the Plan

    Location Chateau Schinsky Denver, CO United States See map: Google Maps My misadventures in parenting, wifeing, studenting, and life in general, laid out for the world to see. I love spicy food (and cook it often), I probably won Worst Mom Ever a couple times in the last month, and I am bound an determined to make my own curtains, among many other things!I love teaching myself new cooking techniques and recipes, going on adventures with my husband, watching my toddler dismantle my entire house and then kiss me to apologize for it...and then sharing all of it with you!...more

    Partly It's the Boots

    Partly It's the Boots is ever-evolving (just like me)—opinions, wonderings, projects, freewrites, fascinations, adventures, and the like. Not to mention currents events, feminist perspectives, liberal politics, LGBTQ equality, environmental issues, and more. ...more

    Partly Sunny, Chance of Rain

    Everything you didn't want to know about my no-longer-autistic son, fashion "forward" hippie daughter, dead mother, and chronic pain issues that may end up killing me if the rest of the family doesn't get tired of my antics and beat it to the punch....more

    Partner of a Pilot


    Pasajes y bagajes de una emprendedora

    Experiences of a Spanish female entrepreneur ...more

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