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    Passion Food: A wife, a husband and a few thousand recipes.

    A wife aspires to be a self-taught gourmet by creating over-the-top food, while her husband acts as her critic. ...more

    Passion For Excellence

    Passion For Excellence is about pursuing excellence, (not perfection), in all areas of life. I am an entreprenuer who has survived breast cancer, lupus, chemo (twice) and more than 3 dozen surgeries in my life. I love life and refuse to admit defeat. I believe attitude has a lot lot to do with health and quality of life. I blog about Healthy Habits (lifestyle), Juicy Gossip (juicing and smoothies), Weight Loss (weekly weigh in), Recipes (fabulous and healthy or fabulous and not so healthy), Monday Motivations (inspiring and motivating) and Fight Like A Girl (all things breast cancer)....more

    Passion For Pretty

    This fabulously over the top blog is for fashion, beauty, and celebrity gossip enthusiasts to manifest their shallow obsession. Do not fear, I am just as shallow and obsessed as the rest of you! Join in with other equally minded individuals here.....welcome to my world of Passion For Pretty. ...more

    Passionate For Life Magazine

    Passionate for Life Magazine’s Relaunch and The Ultimate Blog Party 2009! 21 Mar 2009 Author: Dana In: Have Fun! ...more

    Passionate Moodswing

    It's personal, it's frank, and it's all about me. Who is "me"? A 40 something single mother documenting life as a middle school mom, life as a single woman in her sexual prime, life as a bipolar depressed woman on new medication, ...more

    Passionate Pagan- Living Life With Passion and Purpose

    I'm a Fun-loving, crazy, random, Eclectic Solitary Wiccan with a passion for life! This is the daily blog of a pagan girl; discovering her witchy roots, enjoying what the Universe has to offer, living life to it's fullest, and loving every moment of it! I'm a lil strange and unique, but I like it that way!...more

    Passionate Pursuits

    Passionate Pursits, is about living a passionte life, and exploring the inside of a thought and following it where it leads....more

    passions & soapboxes: robin's small drop of clarity

    blogging mom shares her life and opinions on everything from bees to the president. Witty and full of humor but sometimes just plain pissed off at the injustice of it all. ...more


    Hi All! My name is Melissa and back in 2008 my family and I packed our suitcases, grabbed our passports, and got rid of everything we owned to move across the pond and start a new life in London. This is our experience......more

    Past Life Regression

    A place where we express our thoughts about spirituality, life, past lives and past life regression. It's a place where believe that each of us have reincarnated on this earth which is a big learning school and in our subconscious, we have some underlying memories of our past lives, which are like impressions on our souls. Sometimes, these memories could be bad and coudl be affecting our present since we have forgotten the lesson we learnt from them and here, Past Life regression can be used as a tool to uncover the past and bring healing to the present. ...more

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