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    Pavlova Parade

    I started my blog in 2006 when I moved from America to Australia to start a new life. It is a blog describing my life in a new culture, but which has also expanded into a diary of my physical, emotional and mental transition from being a young woman into being an adult woman....more

    Pay The Bills and More

    Simply Put:   We want to help YOU Survive, Thrive & Succeed in an economy that is designed for loss and failure! Mission   Vision: To inspire and empower people to become self-sufficient and location independent while doing what they love, changing the way they generate revenues to provide for themselves and their families. Mission: We will do this by providing ea...more

    PCOS Diaries

    I was diagnosed with PCOS the summer of 2010. Many years have gone by, and many "Periods" were missed with out really knowing why. Well once I found out I had PCOS and why all of these problems were happening. At that point I decided to change my life style, to become a better me and hopefully a mommy some day.Well the mommy part did not start yet, but I'm still working on it. Not too long ago I decided to document everything about my PCOS Journey. The Good, The Bad and The Funny....more

    Peace of My Mind

    Housewife, photographer, capturing the small town life and wildlife of Montana. ...more

    The blog of a computer geek, animal lover, new vegan, and bleeding heart liberal. My categories include (but are never limited to): animal rights education anti-war GLBT issues human rights local (Columbus, Ohio) media (specifically independent & alternative media) music political technology veganism women's rights ...more

    Peaceful Panic

    Peaceful Panic is a blog that I began while experiencing a season of anxiety and depression in my life.  While this was the initial catalyst for the blog, anxiety and depression are not the only topics I cover.  Peaceful Panic has evolved, and is still evolving, into much more.  My anxiety and depression caused me to think deeply about everything in my life including my prioreties, my eating habits, my schedule, my job(s), my personality, my dreams, and most importantly my Christian faith.  In this blog I record the insights God's given me into life, healthy living (both...more


    What started out as a blog for a graduate school class has evolved into a personal blog with my meandering thoughts about, you know, stuff. ...more

    Peach In Place

    Reporting the music, the art and the life of a transplant, all while finding inspiration on the pacific. I am taking a stand in a city of motion....more

    Peach Prenni

    Location The South United States See map: Google Maps Hello! I'm Annie; I live in the South and I'm the proud mama of 3 great kids. I got married young and I'm proud of how hard we've worked and grown together over the past 15 years. I quit drinking a few years ago and it completely changed my life for the better. I am stronger in my Faith than ever and I feel like my priorities are exactly where they should be. I have a lot of gratitude for my life exactly as it is today. My Blog covers kid stuff, mom stuff, recovery stuff, funny stories, God-winks and gratitude. Thanks for reading!...more

    Peaches & Coconuts

    Some say Jewish, lesbian moms have more fun (what, you haven't heard that?!?).  Fact is, I just have access to good meds.  I do live in the suburbs, but don't be fooled.  There's a party in my mini-van, and I think you should join us. ...more

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