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    I'm a 30-something native Georgia girl who loves to putter in the garden, go antique-hunting, cook and bake, and dream of France, Britain, and Italy. I'm also a serious book-collector! Being romantic and sentimental in nature, I identify most with things from the Victorian era, but occasionally I will let a few modern must-haves into my world, such as Antonio Banderas movies (Yummy :) and air-conditioning (it is the South, after all!). ...more

    Peacock Parables

    I’m a middle-aged wife, mother, editor, and now blogger.  My family lives a simple and peaceful life in the beautiful Colorado Piedmont.  Despite my age, I’ve only been married a short time, and this is my first marriage.  I have an 11-year-old daughter who is “mine” and a 15-year-old son who is “his,” but they are both very much ours.  Since getting married in 2009, my husband and I have settled into unexpectedly traditional roles (he’s the breadwinner and I’m the fire tender).  This has been very successful for us, both for our marriage ...more

    Peanut Butter in my Hair

    The life an adventures of a mom of two. I'm a former city mama of 2 trying to survive the culture shock of moving to the suburbs,  as well as trying to shake the Super mom complex and live a balanced and happy life. If that's not enough, I have decided to train for a marathon. It's a bumpy ride but I love every minute of it! ...more

    Peanut Butter Spoonfuls

    I like to think of myself as an unemployed-working-mom to baby Bennett. I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home-mom but a (sort of) recent cross country move took me away from my job and out West. My husband, Garth, got an opportunity to follow his dream and work in pro sports so I left my DC home, job, friends and family and followed. Then we had a baby and here I am surprisingly happy about it all. Peanut Butter Spoonfuls is about how my kid wakes up 6 times a night and the life we try to piece together in between horrible nights....more

    Pearl and Curls

    My blog is about loving Jesus Christ and trying to serve him to the best of my ability. It's about sharing his word as well as life in general, fashion, style, school, crafts, cooking, mission work, and anything else!...more

    Pearl, Why You Little...

    What once ensured that I sat at a table next to the teacher is now posted daily. ...more

    Pearls in Paradise

    Location Florida United States See map: Google Maps Pearls in Paradise is a place for me to journal my thoughts about classic style and design. I chronicle my DIY projects and design inspirations along with sharing favorite recipes and products that I love. It is basically a blog about my life and family in the sunshine state....more

    Peas In Our Pod

    Musings of a working Mom ...more

    Peas, love and Camelot

    My new blog about trying to live a more eco-friendly life whilst trying NOT to lose my mind (oh yes, I'm a Mom), spill my latte, scuff up my beautiful Alfani boots, break a nail, keep my naked dogs groomed (yeah you KNOW you wanna look now), master organic gardening, contemplate faith and the origina of the universe, find my keys, plan dinner (crap, I need to put milk on the list) keep focused on ONE thing for more than five minutes and--what was I saying?...more

    Peas-ing Out

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps Travel blog...more

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