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    Raising Bipolar - Small town life, Bipolar Child

    Hi. My name is Meg and I am raising a child with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder.  This blog chronicles our journey with parent child relationships, bipolar disorder, ADHD, medicines, therapies, public school, special education, learning disabilities, IEPs, as well as life in general....more

    Raising Complicated Kids

    LIfe in the midst of Asperger's Syndrome, Early Onset Bipolar and General Chaos....more

    Raising Country Kids

    A Montana mom blogs about raising four kids, cattle, wheat, and barley in a very rural area. Includes humor, recipes, photography, and reflections on marriage, parenting, agriculture, and autism and Asperger's Syndrome. ...more

    Raising Humans

    I'm Tricia. I have a beautiful daughter, wonderful husband, great job, and too many hobbies. Watch me try to balance all of that here....more

    Raising My Rainbow

    Raising My Rainbow is a blog about raising a slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son. Its audience spans 13 countries and its content is syndicated on, the leading site for LGBT news with three quarters of a million viewers per day. It’s about raising C.J. (age 4), the most enchanting boy you will ever meet with an insane knack for art and color, interior design and dance. His passions include Barbie, Disney Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake and women’s hair and shoes....more

    Raising Supermom

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps I’m 28 and I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend, Superdad and my son, Superboy. I’m 5’4″ and 2 years ago (2010) I weighed a whopping 300lbs. I was killing myself slowly with food. It took a divorce and a serious injury for me to wake up and smell the cupcakes roses, and make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle. I started moving and eating healthy. To date, I’ve lost over 100lbs and continue to reach for my goal weight of 130lbs....more

    Raising the Tribe

    Follow me as I try to finish my dissertation, raise four going on five kids, live a green life in the midst of a suburban setting and work as a full professor and adjunct professor at two different colleges.  Ours is an overfull life, full of long days and trying moments which pale in comparison to the joy that we get from our children and the life we have built for them. ...more

    Raising Willow... and Dexter!

    Raising my two children, Willow and Dexter.  I write to create memories for them and me....more

    Raison D'être

    I've been blogging since 2003 but Raison D'être (started on July 14, 2006) is the first time I've blogged on my own piece of the web. Subjects range from Entertainment (mine), Fashion (mostly mistakes, and again, mine), Food (mine), Health and Wellness (mine), Life (ditto), Mommy (that'd be me), Family (also mine), Relationships (mine, with the addition of others I've observed and learned vicariously from), and finally Europe (because I'm an American expat and Europe is where I live). ...more

    RakStar Librarian

    Research librarian by day, dancing queen by night. Professional dancer with Gypsy Queens tribal fusion troupe and Medusa gothic fusion troupe, both based out of Grow in Motion (GiM) in Forest Park, Illinois. ...more

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