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    San Francisco Knitter

    knitting, feminism, travel ...more

    Sanborn Chronicles

    The Adventures of The Sanborn Family in Thailand. From Mum's perspective....more


    random musings of a compulsive knitter. ...more

    Sand Gets in My Eyes

    I am an American, an expat, a woman, a mother and a wife. I live in Saudi Arabia, and my experiences as all those things are markedly different because of this place I call home. Please join me in seeking out, exploring and exposing those differences - and my reactions to them - through a little thing I call Sand Gets In My Eyes.  ...more

    Sand In My Eyes

    The diary of a white girl in Arabia, documenting the highs and lows as she navigates her way through a conservative Middle Eastern society, along with the successes and failures in baking.  Characters that make recurring appearances are her children, Charlie and Lola, and the love of her life, The Mister.    ...more

    Sand In My Toes

    Location Dubai United Arab Emirates This blog is about a first-time mom's perspective of, among other things, what can only be described as the adventures of parenting. Staying in the Middle East adds its own quirkiness to everyday things and I hope to share them with you!...more

    sand in the machine

    sand in the machine, With a title based on a Robert Heinlein quote about politeness in society, consists of the author's examinations of life as it is and life as it maybe should or could be...... ...more


    Sandi Shelton

    Hi. My name is Sandi Kahn Shelton, and this is my blog, which is turning out to be about writing and ordinary life, and being a parent and a novelist and a person who walks four miles every morning and who drinks a lot of iced tea. ...more

    Sandier Pastures

    Honest, larger than life daily account of desert life in the new center of the world! ...more

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