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    Sunnyside Shlee

    My name is Ashley (my nickname is Shlee), I’m in my late 20s and I was born and raised in Chicago (go White Sox! go Hawks!).  I’m a sports fan, Alpha Chi Omega, LGBT supporter, writer, HR professional, fast driver, and inspiring home decorator (for myself only!). This is a lifestyle blog. I like to share my thoughts about everything from fitness to DIY projects to fashion and food. Oh, and I like owls (which is why my header has an owl in it) …  Feel free to stop by and say hi! I love to networking with new people!...more

    Sunrise Rants: Morning Coffee In...Random Thoughts Out

    Musings, rants, raves. Life, home, baby. Nothing new and yet hopefully a bit of a creative take....more


    Sunshine and Potatoes

    A blog about food, books, crafts, life and much more!  ...more

    Sunshine and Salad

    I'm a writer. I'm a mother. I'm passionate about prevention and public health. I run, swim and practice mindfulness based meditation.This blog focuses on reflection and observations about family, friendship and love, daily life and long-term goals....more

    Sunshine From Shadows

    As a child I was taught that opportunity and good fortune was rewarded to those who were deserving of it, having spent an entire lifetime performing backbreaking labor silently and humbly, like my grandparents had, or studying for years in University like my father. This ruse effectively kept me, the poster child for the gifted Type-A perfectionist, striving for the title of #1 everything until I was about 12. I could read before I started school, I skipped a grade, got perfect marks, had lots of friends, and did I mention I had blonde hair and blue eyes?...more

    Sunshine Lady

    How gardening brings us back to the earth + some garden photography....more

    Sunshine Wonderland

    Location United States See map: Google Maps I write about life with my husband, toddler son and our chihuahua and our life. I live vicariously through friends and am rediscovering who I am....more


    I am a young wife to a handsome prince and new mother to a teeny weeny baby sunbeam and two funny, fluffy, furry children. I work as a graphic designer living under Big African Skies trying to find inspiration in everything around me and my everyday life. I love my God, my beautiful family, sunshine, the Great Outdoors, design, creation and everything beautiful that surrounds me. I love, live and dream passionately and with purpose....more

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