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    Sweet Water

    For the first 25 years of my life I lived in the suburbs and followed a typical prescription for suburban life. It was not fulfilling, but it was the path of least resistance. Then it all fell apart. I had a nervous breakdown and ran to my parents who had moved to “cottage country” for their retirement. Five years later and the journey continues with the beginnings of a life in the country, a fiancé, two cats, a dog, a dream to write and a newfound love of cooking and food. I have no idea what comes next. The joy is in figuring it out. ...more

    Sweet, Southern, & Sassy

    I'm a South Carolina girl in my early twenties who works in marketing, fundraising, and PR with the occasional dive into state political matters. Follow me on my journey as I blog about my daily life, faith, dreams, and fun!...more

    Sweet,Sassy, and Oh So Classy

    This is me. I am content with being at home with my family and friends watching movies or just hanging out. I was married to the love of my life in January of 2009 and I am learning daily how to be the best wife I can be.  I am sweet to my family, friends and strangers; sassy at times when needed;  and always classy, as a lady should be....more

    sweet. southern. spirited.

    My blog is a combination of sharing random snippets about my life, constant desire to remain creative, and my love for art and photography, as well as other stuff. I love to write and find blogging a way to catapult me into thinking outside the box and more creatively. ...more

    Sweet. Southern. Spirited.

    Lover of travel, all things southern, photography, and good food. Oh, and I'm a new mom too! ...more


    A blog about my incessent whining, the funny stuff that happens to me, and a way to keep my family from calling me. ...more

    Sweetened Condensed Milk

    Responses to WORDS that touch my soul..from books, conversation, studies, lyrics, etc.....more

    Sweeter Than Sweet Dessert Tables

    Location NY / NJ United States See map: Google Maps Hi! I try to inspire others with ideas about desserts, parties, entertaining, crafts, holidays, etc.. I also share pictures of custom dessert tables & candy bars.  Enjoy! ...more

    Sweetest of Things

    Fledgling tanguera, ManyMom, and Manager of Magic Moments. Surrogacy, Surrogate, Gestational Carrier, Midwife, Pregnancy, Foster Care, Foster Parents, Tango, Argentine Tango, ...more

    Sweetie Pie

    The Sweetie Pie blog is about my (mis)adventures in transitioning my life in order to create the life I want. I am a Christian who's not crazy about religion, a single mom, an entrepreneur, and a writer. Most importantly, I am a real woman. I have the cellulite to prove it. ...more

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