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    Tropical Fruit

    Tropical Fruit ...more

    Tropical Mum

    A Canadian-born naturalised Australian, I live in paradise with my husband and two small boys. I work part-time as a virtual assistant and study part-time for a technology degree. Our family enjoys the ultimate lifestyle but on a budget. We struggle to pay the bills, but can enjoy a day at the beach watching the kids play in the waves; we count our lucky stars everyday. Follow me as I share my favourite recipes, savings tips, funny things kids say and a glimpse into what it is like to live in the tropical far north of Queensland....more

    Trouble's Return

    Location Cologne Germany See map: Google Maps My life journey in random posts and ramblings. I moved back from Cape Town in South Africa to Germany and find it hard to adapt to the European way of life again. ...more

    True Aloha Hawaii Blog

    A Hawaii blog about all things Hawaii and Aloha. Regular features include "Hawaii on TV" calendar which shows when Hawaii oriented programming is on, Aloha Friday Recipe, Hawaiian Word of the Week and geocaching in Hawaii. ...more

    True Story

    Humor Blog - Autobiographical true stories from every aspect of my life....more

    Truth ... Not Tasers

    272 North Americans have died proximal to taser use. Fifteen of those who have died were Canadian. What the manufacturer and other proponents of tasers DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW about tasers.< ...more

    Truth In Decorating

     Truth in Decorating started out being a commentary about what you see in decorator's magazine versus reality at home. I realized after life-long exercises in futility that what you see on TV, in magazines, and on the internet is not always what you get in real life, usually not even close. It evolved from there to include humorous observations,sentimental journeys, rants, raves, & open questions. I love decorating, DIY, gardening, and home improvement in general, even though I am no expert at any of them. And it shows....more


    Location Canada See map: Google Maps I live out loud. It’s kinda my thing. You will never wonder what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. It can be annoying – for all of us. But it can be really great, too. I’m easy to get to know, I’m fun, and I talk about the stuff that makes us feel isolated when we live it alone. I don’t want to live life in solitude. I don’t want to live a life wondering if I’m the only one feeling like this. And so… I blog....more

    Try it. You'll like it.

    To my friends and family I am known as the queen of clumsy. Just one step away from having face-time with the floor again. It really doesn’t matter what I’m up to, because in the end, I’m going down. So understandably, when the words “Try it. You’ll like it.” dangle in the air, they are met with a sour face full of apprehension. It’s time to get over that. To untangle myself and kick some adventurous butt.  Because ultimately,  I want to leave my mark on the world even if it means adding a few more marks on me....more

    trying to be grown up

    Location Ireland A journal of sorts, with musings on life, work, books, film, occasional controversial topics and funny things I find online....more

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