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    Turkey Neck and Fat Wings

    I can see clearly now that this Triathlon was a bad idea. I cannot believe I sunk my teeth into this! I should be smarter and more discriminating by this phase of my life. I have worked out consistently everyday for a week. Each day I’m biking, swimming, running, or lifting weights. And do you know what I noticed today? ...more

    Turkish Muse

    One American expat's news and views from the city of inspiration ...more


    A blog from a former writer about her life with the Hub, and their pending family ...more

    Turn Right At Lake Michigan

    Turn Right At Lake Michigan is the journey of a young couple to renovate a 100+ year old house in Dayton, Ohio by the skin of their teeth and with their bare hands while juggling two kids, five cats, and a fat Chihuahua. Brace yourself for honesty, humor, and a lot of bright colors....more

    Turn the Clock Forward

    I'm a feminist, progressive, humanist who sits at the intersection of the consistent life ethic and reproductive justice movements. Turning back the clock to a time of restrictive gender roles and one-size-fits-all sexuality is not just, not possible, and not an effective way to end abortion. We need justice for women, justice for our children, and a commitment to nonviolent solutions to social problems. ...more


    Location Ottawa Canada See map: Google Maps I'm passionate about travel - trips big and small, exotic and close to home. The common thread among these diverse experiences is value. I go beyond frugality to focus on getting the most for your time and money. I call my approach "coffeecan finances", in honor of every woman who has to save for a trip one coin and bill at a time, dropping them into a bank account, a piggy bank, even a coffeecan....more

    Tuscan Traveler

    Living and Writing in Italy ...more

    Tutti Head

    We're a silly family with lots of opinions! And, we've recently moved from big-city Michigan to rural Minnesota. I'm a little out of my element. Come share a few laughs as I try to adjust to my new environment and share a few opinions on politics, religion and whatever else is on my mind today. ...more

    Tweaking the Universe

    To tweak the universe, one must be devoted to the cause, sincere and persistent. This is a blog about the way to make things happen and it is about the way things actually do happen. It's mostly a personal blog and a blog about learning to be a writer and the fun I'm having producing full-length novels. It's about my life, my family, my dog. It's about anything. ...more


    humorous and contemplative accounts of a vagabond 29 year old's rambunctious life. ...more

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