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    Tall Tales from the Life of Lindsey Long Legs

    My blog revolves around my life as a mother to 4 children. Parenting in this world comes with it's own set of challenges and ups and downs. I like to record those challenges, good and bad, and I love to get support from women around the globe who are dealing with the same issues.  One of the biggest issues we face as a family is my son's battle with Autism. I have always said that children with Autism are like snowflakes from the sky. No two kids are alike....more

    Tamed Musings

    Tamed Musings is a fun space where I talk about life and some tryouts in cooking and crafting. I am a passionate photographer and that's a huge part of every post. There I also review a few books....more

    Taming Insanity

    A glimpse into the life of a mom trying to stop her brain from leaking out her ear....more

    Taming Monsters

    Here’s all you need to know about my me/my blog in five. I ate rainbow chip frosting for lunch yesterday. And dinner. I haven’t slept in years. This is glaringly apparent when I try to think deep.  I will hide under frozen turkeys to avoid running into people in the grocery store. Frostbite? Better than awkward conversation. I love my husband and my babe. They are both cooler than I am....more

    TammileeTips covers coupons, earning money, saving money and having fun on the Internet. ...more


    28 years old and nowhere near where I dreamed I'd be. Diagnosed with fertility challenges, the delay in having the family I've always wanted is forcing me to explore who I am as a woman, wife, sister, daughter, friend and more. If I can't be enough without this baby- how can I be enough for my baby? ...more

    Tanessa Dreams

    Tanessa Dreams is a blog where I discuss the art of dream interpretation. Since 1988, I have studied dreams and developed a gift for finding the wisdom within. I do not use dream dictionaries, because I believe the dreamers are a better guide. This blog aims to teach people how to improve their lives by understanding their sleeping dreams....more


    A quasi art blog that deals with the daily issues of life getting in the way of art. A funny irreverant look at family and creativity. ...more

    Tangled Thoughts

    Tangled thoughts and Falling Leaves: The way I sometimes see life. My Ideas, and random thoughts. Falling leaves = Falling Thoughts. Leaves grow on trees, don’t ideas?...more

    Tangled Triangle

    The journey of a 30-something beginning training in a frighteningly close martial art after a lifetime if nerdly inactivity....more

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