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    Tangles Out

    I just turned 26 and may or may not be having a quarter life type of a crisis. I am a rocker at heart and am in love with the beach. When I'm drinking I truly believe I could be a pop star. I work a very corporate job and though I have a window in my office, that window goes to inside the building....more


    exploring the argentine tango, movies, books, travel, life in San Francisco ...more


    Tanisha Brito's S.O.U.L List -- Single girls guide to Outrageous and Unbelievable Living

    I'm a Single girl having a 30-Life-Crisis and working on accomplishing my list of 29 Things To Do!!! Whew!!! I swear I'm going to finish it this year so.... follow me as I finish it and add to it....more

    Tara Lake's Blog

    Culture, Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality, and African American issues. ...more

    Tara's Rambles

    A personal blog including vegetarian cooking, cross-stitching, bicycling, pets, family, photos, and more. ...more

    taraSG's 101 Goals in 1001 Days

    As a terrible procrastinator with a passion for list making, I’m using the 101 Goals in 1001 Days challnege to add some adventure/culture/healthy habits to my life as I work my way out of a quarter-life crisis. ...more

    Tarnished Tiara Redux

    The Tarnished Tiara is the musings  on life by a mid-30's Southern Belle divorcee raising three small boys.   Part humor, part information, part platform for her rather stern opinions on the mistakes women make with men, the blog always offers a fresh and humorous perspective on life.  ...more

    Tarot Weaving

    This blog on will be mainly on the subject of tarot, however you might find just about anything else being talked about too. My intent is to focus on the books of tarot, and I want to post daily. ...more

    Tasha Does Tulsa: The Online Insider's Guide to Tulsa

    Location Tulsa, OK United States See map: Google Maps is the online insider's guide to Tulsa, Oklahoma. With daily features of local restaurants, shopping and attractions and up-to-the-minute lists of entertainment options, aims to spotlight what makes this city special: It's ability to be one of the most cosmopolitan as well as one of the wildest of western cities in the U.S. The award-winning site, founded in 2007, has grown to be one of the most popular blogs in Oklahoma....more

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