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    Fact-checking Mad Men, writing about women's history, sharing new music and book finds, and observing social phenomena as first a feminist, second a teacher, and third a comedian.   ...more

    Understanding Me: A glimpse into the life of one girl.

    A look at my life, through the eyes of me.  Exploring lifes challenges and joys, and finding a way to make it all cohesive.  A look at my journey into weight loss, spiritual enlightenment, and everything in between. ...more

    Undomestic Chica

    I'm a mama to twin boys and completely undomestic. If it weren't for my boyfriend, the house would not be clean, dinner not cooked and the lawn not mowed but it's okay, because I'm making memories. My blog's a  little mix of people, places and things I love, projects I attempt to DIY and recipes I bake. I hope my readers will follow me on my journey to become domestic....more

    Undomesticated Housewife

    I'm a stay at home mom, or a "SAHM" and housewife. Recently, I realized that ensuring that the kids are alive between the hours of whenever Hubby leaves AM 'til whenever Hubby gets home PM, and tying on an awesome apron when I wake up...really isn't enough. Speaking of aprons, I LOVE them. They make me look all domesticated and junk. Unfortunately, wearing one is about as home-makerish as I get. I'm not looking to be a 1950's housewife, just something slightly more than, I don't know, a lifeguard? So, I'm starting an adventure adventure to Domesticated Wifedom....more

    Undulations: Grad School, Middle Eastern Dance, Education, Bharatanatyam, and More

    Location Boston, MA United States See map: Google Maps ...more

    Une Femme Curieuse

    This blog contains the misadventures, tomfoolery and entirely random ruminations of a proper New England girl who found herself in a California law school (one more year to go!). Where I'm going and how I'll get there are TBD, but kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of something lovely and settle in.  General sundries of all sorts with a sprinkling of: law, career, feminism, weddings, retail therapy and more....more

    My personal blog about nothing and everything. ...more

    Unexpected Art

    A blog about positive things happening in the world. Highlighting my family and the quest to find things that are beautiful in this world! ...more


    I started this blog because I realized that every facet of my (your?) life is unfinished bizness. The number one thing that most people start and will never finish: PARENTING. We can never be done teaching our kids things, learning new ways to care for or support them. We never stop learning new things about these genetically similar individuals... I don't think we ever stop learning new things about ourselves either. ...more

    Unintentionally Brilliant

    I'm just an ordinary girl who is occasionally funny or brilliant, without really meaning to be. I am a writer. I use my blog to work on my fiction, as well as to tell stories about myself and my life's journey as a single mother to the smartest superhero ever....more

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