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    Useless Anxieties

    When developmentally appropriate is beside the point and typically atypical is where it's at, motherhood is chock full of useless anxieties....more

    Useless Beauty Designs

    Useless Beauty Designs is a blog about my adventures leading a crafty and more conscious life in Cambridge UK, knitting, sewing, crocheting, cooking and avoiding the gardening: at least, that was the plan. What really happens is I get sidetracked and segue into yoga, guitar playing, vegetarianism, fan dancing, pole dancing, feminism, and photos of the proliferation of friendly cats I meet in my day-to-day travels....more

    USMC Life

    I write about being married to an active duty Marine, raising two children and navigating life as a military wife....more

    USO Girls

    Our blog is a chronicle of the flag waving fun loving time we have supporting the troops who come through the Dallas, Ft. Worth Airport. ...more

    utter randomonium

    My only real requirement is that every single post contains at least one link, but what that translates into is mostly book reviews, plus commentary on assorted internet weirdness and other media. ...more


    Just a way to empty my brain. ...more

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