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    You and Me and Bump Makes Three

    After living in the US with my husband we made the big move to Australia as almost newlyweds to begin our life. My blog is my journey of blindly navigating my way for the very first time from bump to baby and then some....more

    You Are Entitled to My Opinion

    One woman's view of the world, exploring topics such as parenting ups and downs, grammatical pet peeves, political change, and liberal perspectives.  A collection of op/ed style articles and personal stories. ...more

    You Are Flawed If You Are Not Free

    My blog is about a twenty-something geeky chick from Chicago - living life, struggling with her anxieties and trying to figure out just who she is. She writes about anything from female-friendly technology, her relationship to books and movies. ...more

    You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing...

    Thirty-something married dog owner just needs a place to vent and process. :) ...more

    You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Quantum Theory

    This is a blog Sue and Phyllis created to practice our writing skills, entertain each other and hopefully others as well....more

    You Had Me At Hello

    25.Employed.Happy.In Love. ...more

    You Just Never Know Where Hope Might Take Ya

    I know, it sounds corny, but really, I thrive on hope not because I am necessarily an optimist (well not all the time...) But stay tuned. In these writings, I hope what I say might inspire someone else to find hope too. All I know is hope straight from God has gotten me thru on this journey called "my life". Through change and loss and love and miracle, hope gets me there ...more

    You know... that blog?

    A blog that touches the surface of life, love, and song. My family, my friends, my world. ...more

    You Say Potato, I Say Vodka

    Location Russia I am a Florida girl relocated to Moscow Russia. I am experiencing a 180 in career, food, language and climate.You Say Potato, I Say Vodka is a humorous look at my experiences while living and traveling abroad. It is also peppered with stories of nights that I can't always remember, spent with people I will never forget....more

    You Shall Above All Things Be Glad and Young

    This is my personal blog. I write about life after college, dealing with every friend I know getting married, my relationship, and my friends. I think it's fun to read, but what you think is up to yo ...more

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