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    Your digital footprint: sticks and stones online


    Your Happy Stuff is a smart, simple and soulful approach to organizing and life-drama-reduction specifically for busy women who crave simplicity RIGHT now. My blog will help you get clear and uncluttered with lifestyle and organizing tips that are down-to-earth and do-able....more

    Your How To Guide To Living Passionately And Fully Over 40

    Location New York, NY United States See map: Google Maps ...more

    Your Jewish Life Coach

    If you've recently converted to Judaism, are in the process or are exploring the possibility, Your Jewish Life Coach is here to help. It's a source of support, advice, information and inspiration. ...more

    Your Life Purpose Blog

    Location New Zealand My blog contemplates how we might live with spirit and make our ordinary everyday lives a radiant expression of our essence. It takes the point of view that there is no part of our lives untouched by spirit and the reader can expect comment on everything from sacred texts to sensuality and life purpose to cauliflower pickles....more

    Your Loudspeaker

    I am. Your Loudspeaker. Southern born and bred (in Mississippi, to be exact) I operate by day as a public relations consultant. By night, and admittedly intermittently throughout the day, I masquerade as a success-story-in-the-making, who (not so secretly)aspires to be a writer and attorney. Welcome to my world--revel in my musings. Whether sex, relationships, racism, sexism, poetry or life in general -- I cover it all....more

    Your Morning Cup

    Welcome to my quirky corner of the web! This is a hodgepodge of funny pictures, stories from Seattle, tales of how we're trying to live like good stewards of this earth, and lists of things my dog has chewed. My husband and I moved from sunny San Diego to slick Seattle a year ago and are loving the seasons. ...more

    Your New Home Buying Agent

    A blog about the Washington, DC area run by a local fun and friendly realtor, featuring new restaurants, shops and developments around the city as well as news, tips and insider advice on finding the right home and neighborhood to create the ideal life in the DMV....more

    Your Not-So-Professional Personal Chef

    This blog is designed to help those with food allergies/sensitivities by providing recipes that are allergy friendly in some way (milk-free, egg-free, nut-free, wheat-free, soy-free).  I am in the process of making individualized blogs for each allergy need (one with a list of soy-free recipes, one with a list of milk-free recipes, etc.) that will be linked through this blog.  Hopefully it will be of help to those of you out there with or caring for those with food allergies/sensitivities.  Feel free to submit recipes, too! :)...more

    Your Single Serving Friend

    Location Baltimore, MD United States See map: Google Maps This blog is about my everyday life.  I am a bipolar individual with borderline personality disorder; I have 2 children that will be 2 and 3 at the end of this month (December 2011) and my life can be a little insane at some times but at points it can be total bliss its fun for me to share my craziness with the rest of the world as I believe it can be fun for you all to read about it!  Hope you enjoy!!...more

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