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    Your Spanish Class

    Grammar, vocabulary, tips & techniques to keep the no-gringo lingo fluid! ...more

    your wishcake.

    Twenty-seven, happily married, head in the clouds.  I have the tendency to channel Monica Geller. Wifey to Jay and mama to a sweet little nugget named Eisley. I love pretty things, nice people and the color chartreuse. I am happiest while lost in a daydream, drinking wine and being creative. (Not usually at the same time.) I take too many self-portraits. I'm a slight homebody and dream of someday living in a tiny house filled with vintage treasures, big windows and walls covered in photos I've taken. I refer to people I love as "gems" more often than necessary....more

    YourLifEvents | Artsy Chic Lifestyle Blog

    Weddings, Nesting, Coupling & Kids: is your one-stop daily destination for celebrating and navigating all of your life's events. YourLifEvents provides engaged couples, newlyweds, not-so-newlyweds and couples with kids everything they need to know to live a full and satisfying event filled life.YourLifEvents' purpose is to provide engaged couples, newlywed couples, not-so-newlywed couples, and parents a resource for celebrating and navigating all of their Life Events....more

    Youth, Captured

    A 20-something trying to navigate life (and a love-hate relationship with New York City) one day at a time through music, food, literature and photos....more

    Yucatan Living

    A peak into everyday life of an expatriate in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. ...more

    Yukon Jen: A Series of Random Events

    I'm a Canadian expat and have been living in Sonoma County, California since 2001. I'm from the Yukon (my parents are still there), but also lived in Ottawa for ten years. My blog is a series of random events. It is whatever I want it to be and it is about me. I love it! ...more


    A sort of multilingual, definitely multicultural Masters student living in Puerto Rico, trying not to kill people at her job or to commit suicide through paper cuts with literature pages. ...more

    Yvanka Marmalade: Magic Queen of the Universe

    Miss Yvanka Marmalade: the archetype of the perfect woman, whom in creating God has found good. Also, one raucous good-times lovin' bitch. ...more

    Yvettes Inner Geek

    I am an observer and eager paricipant in geek culture. I write about geeky topics with a feminist spin and various themes in my life that sometimes fall outside the scope of geekiness, such as my cats, homeownership, and travel. ...more

    YWCA Hamilton Voices

    This the the blog of YWCA Hamilton....more

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