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    360 Convos: conversations about business and social media

    Location Pacific Northwest United States See map: Google Maps Conversations from area code 360 on business, social media, marketing, communications, motivational factors, and the politics of why....more

    365 Days and 100 Pounds

    This chronicles the year long journey (at least) of a mom/wife/culinary student to lose 100 pounds. Beginning at 250 lbs. my daily posts highlight the struggles and successes of trying to become healthier in an environment overflowing with amazing, tempting foods....more

    3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer

    Be careful what you ask for…IsntSheLovlei is back on the blogging scene! But now I’m all grown up—or at least I’ve earned a few additional letters behind my name. So instead of bringing my inaugural blog, The Dog Ate My Care Plan, back I decided to start an entirely new blog. After a behind the scenes title war with myself (and after not being able to come up with anything else for “The Dog” to eat that wouldn’t get me sued), 3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer was born. 3Cs basically picks up where I left off after graduating from nursing school and passing the boards....more

    50 plus Community and Magazine

    ‘Let Life In’ is an attitude and a philosophy about being 50+. Yes, we believe that there is a lot more to life and we encourage you to be open to it. But it’s also about experiencing the full spectrum of life – the concerns and controversies - not just the good stuff. ...more

    525,600 Minutes - A Year Without Facebook

    Once upon a time I worked for the local school district.  I would get home from work just before 4 and start dinner, get stuff under way for all my boys... though often times, Facebook would "call" to me and I'd realize shortly before they were all about to roll in, hungry, tired and needing stuff from mom - that Facebook had to go.  I gave it up twice.  Once for 3 months, the next time for about 2 months and then I was back at it...  Until last November (2011)....more

    a blog about wedding & event planning

    A fresh, unique perspective on planning weddings, events and life. Wedding & Event planner, Saundra Hadley, seen every week as the Fox 7 Wedding Planner gives her insights and free advice to helping you plan your next event. ...more

    A Different Path (Homeschooling: Meandering down a different path to education)

    I'm a stay-at-home-mom of two amazing little boys, and I have a most excellent husband. We are a secular eclectic homeschooling family.  I plan to write mostly about homeschooling: why we've decided to do it, how we plan to go about it, what we learn, places we go, interesting people we meet, etc. I also plan to share my thoughts and experiences with parenting in general, perhaps the occasional rant, and whatever else happens to interest me....more

    A Few of My Favorite Things

    One mama of twins highlights fabulous finds, creative crafts and other fun stuff for babies and kids, as well as goodies for grown ups too.  Lots of giveaways and discounts every day!...more

    A Grateful Road

    Location Salt Lake City, Utah United States See map: Google Maps   My blog is about my journey with Fibromyalgia of over 20 years, learning to be grateful, positive, and focused on those things that keep me at peace. I share my discoveries, triumphs, truths, and inspirations amidst the daily challenges of chronic pain. I hope to inspire as well as provide a resource and even refuge at times. Personal development and The Law of Attraction are a large part of this blog as well, as i have been on a spiritual quest, becoming all that I can be in my life....more

    A Millennial Professor's View of Higher Education

    Location Central Texas United States See map: Google Maps I am a millennial (born between 1978 and 1995) and I have functioned as a faculty member/student affairs practitioner for over eight years. This blog AND my current research focuses on COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN HIGHER EDUCATION from the following approaches: Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and Human Interaction, Privacy and Online Communication, Instructional Communication, Distance Education, Diversity, Leadership, Service Learning, Educational Technology,...more

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