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    Angel Lee Beauty

    At Angel Lee Beauty you will find DIY beauty recipes, the latest in the beauty & fashion world, beauty/cosmetic reviews, beauty & fashion tips and tricks, DISCOUNTS and so much more!...more

    Angie's Angel Help Network

    Location Angies Angela Help Network United States See map: Google Maps Hi I'm Angie I was born and raised in New York and I am a stay at home mom and a wife to a wonderful loving husband and 3 beautiful children. I originally created this site in August 2008 to help others in need in my local area, and my goal was to help as many people as possible. I never imagined that people all over the world would be reading it! Now we are nationwide. Then I began couponing December 2009 four months later and I expanded my help to bring you couponing, the best deals on the web, freebies posted daily, reviews, giveaways, store match ups and so much more. ...more

    Anne 2.0

    Covers web development, women in computing, conversational media, and using technology to improve productivity. Chronicles my re-entry into the workforce after five years as a stay-at-home mom. ...more

    another good thing

    Writer, mother, wife and all around rabble-rouser, Linda Sands blogs from her home in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, biding her time talking shoes and family and books until she gets an agent, then she'll blog about all that AND negotiating the slippery slope of the publishing world. ...more


    Apple Daniels: Maven On a Mission

    Location Online P.O. Box 231892 Sacramento, CA 95823 United States See map: Google Maps …Because no mom should have to chose between her children and work… ...more

    Approaching Joy

    Location Northwest Arkansas United States See map: Google Maps Approaching Joy chronicles the daily adventures of a southern 20-something woman. Fashion, food, photography, DIY, crafts, blogging, and advice: this covers it all....more

    Are You Meant for Something Better?

    I'm a professional blogger, podcaster, motivational speaker and radio host. I help women create the life they want to lead for the rest of their lives by focusing on the issues in life which create moments for grace, growth and change. My “big promise” is that in reading and addressing the issues in my blogs, readers will find that some of the smaller day-to-day concerns are easier to tackle if they know they are not alone and they are given simple, useable resources to address these issues in their lives. I don’t solve pressing problems. In fact, I don’t solve problems....more

    Arianna's "Random" Thoughts

    Let your journey be meaningful and your faith strong! All of us have overcome setbacks and perservered; that is life. We all have stories (or random thoughts) to share. Looking back, I thought my life events had no purpose; yet I have realized that they occurred to teach me valuable lessons. I find that we often hear about the individual’s success or attainment of a goal, but hardly ever about his or her journey to reach that achievement....more


    The Seinfeld of all blogs.  Truly a blog about nothing....more

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