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    WriterMom Blog

    WriterMom Blog is a blog by a work from home mom of two kids who is doing her best to fulfill her own dreams of becoming a writer.  Angela will blog about life, parenting, things that make her laugh, writing tips as well as posting chapter-by-chapter her latest work in progress (fingers crossed!), and book reviews regularly.  ...more

    Writing, Reading, and Eating By Kristine Duffey

    Location Norman, Oklahoma United States See map: Google Maps A fascinating account of writing, reading, and eating. Kristine Duffey is an aspiring writer who reads mostly fantasy and likes cooking when she has the time. The writing and the cooking turn out sometimes but not always. The reading and the dining are almost always and enjoyable experience....more

    Xian's monolog

    Yodeling Mamas

    Welcome to the digital and domestic lives of Yahoo! moms. We come from every corner of the company—and the world—to talk kids, careers and the challenges that come with balancing the two. We’re Yahoos. We’re moms. And we’re blogging about the stuff that makes us yodel. ...more

    You Should Only Know

    You Should Only Know is a blog by Erica Manney about learning how to put on your big-girl pants and entering adulthood. Consider it a “guide for the reluctant adult.” Together we can learn all the stuff that we think that we probably should know, but aren’t sure when we were supposed to learn it. ...more

    Young And Fabulous

    I like to say this is a lifestyle blog! I blog about my life, my love for family, friends, dancing and lil Wayne. Life is too short to be anything but happy. My blog is a place for me to incorporate all things happy, lovely, gangster, and fresh that come into my life! Hope you enjoy! :-)...more

    Your digital footprint: sticks and stones online


    Your Loudspeaker

    I am. Your Loudspeaker. Southern born and bred (in Mississippi, to be exact) I operate by day as a public relations consultant. By night, and admittedly intermittently throughout the day, I masquerade as a success-story-in-the-making, who (not so secretly)aspires to be a writer and attorney. Welcome to my world--revel in my musings. Whether sex, relationships, racism, sexism, poetry or life in general -- I cover it all....more

    ZKQ Blog

    My kids think I'm a geek and say, please don't tweet this...I write with passion about the intersection of business, technology, geeks, and artists. ...more

    [GINA with LOVE]

    Mom to all boys. Delicious, simple recipes. Family. Homeschool. Fun. Love. Travel. ...more

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