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    Daily Mothering

    A fun mommy blog focusing on product reviews, giveaways, deal alerts, coupon codes, recipes, blog events, cloth diaper reviews and articles, and eco-friendly topics.  ...more

    Daisy, Roo & Two

    A chronicle of life as a mother to three children with a 17 month age gap (my girl Roo and the Two, identical twin boys) - finding myself, finding my husband, and finding my floors....more

    Danita Lyn

    I am a creative spirit who loves art, life, and the pursuit of happiness.  I find beauty in everything, and try to share that with everyone I come across in my journey through life.  My art is an expression of what I see in this world, and I hope you too find the beauty in it....more


    There is nothing more thrilling than being able to share recipes through the Internet. I have always wished that food could be delivered virtually but this is a close second. It is about the experience in creating a new recipe, testing it out a few times and forming a masterpiece exactly how you imagined. All I hope to do with my blog is to motivate people that they can make delicious food either sweet or savory. Also would love to make people realize how beautiful their surroundings are and to not be afraid to start an adventure....more

    Dasia has a blog!

    Location South Africa A lighthearted blog about writing, living, fangirling and occassionally making fun of stuff I find along the way....more

    Dayna Flowers


    Big-city girl finds love, moves to new country, has kids and pets and the PTA and angst in a very small town. Pull up a seat, and pass the coffee....more

    DazzlinDonna - Making A Living Online

    Location My home base United States See map: Google Maps The DazzlinDonna blog is my outlet for sharing what I do as I make a living online. The posts are sometimes technical in nature, as I describe how to accomplish certain tasks, such as converting a static HTML site over to a WordPress site. Sometimes they are marketing related, as I explain various ways to promote sites and generate buzz and drive traffic. Sometimes, the posts are focused on money - how to make more of it or how to spend less of it. Whether I'm leaning towards tech speak or marketing chatter, I'm always moving towards the same...more


    DCityLifes' focus is positivity, talent and whats going on within the community.  Be it a local family owned business, something great that the kids in the community are doing , a hometown hero spotlight, young entrepreneurial efforts, things to do on the weekend, restaurant/bar/club suggestions- you name it and we will blog about it! We like to focus on the positive side of things, encouraging our readers to look for that silver lining in everything life gives us and to also support out own community.  ...more

    Right smack in the middle of technology, pop culture and media....more

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