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    I am Elizabeth Martz


    Location Brooklyn, NY United States See map: Google Maps Welcome to I am Milyna! The dynamic digital space of tastemaker and lifestyle journalist Milyna, who is equally at home in Main Street culture as well as the cutting edge of urban sub-cultures. With a savvy demeanor she has the uncanny ability to fuse the gap between underground fresh and the broad spectrum of mainstream. In this, her personal diary, she shares with you thoughts and ideas on all the things she is passionate about such as the brand experience, fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people. I am Milyna is your connection to the new, fresh and dope....more

    I Am Recessionista

    One-liner on why I decided to start this blog: "My deep love for fashion started since I was 3 when I said the word "dress", people call me a Fashionista but I don't work in fashion, and now I have taken it upon myself to be the Best Frugal Fashionista a.k.a. Recessionista." ...more

    I Could Cry But I Don't Have Time

    Amy blogs about the absurdities and antics of everyday life. She is the mom of a college student and a recent college grad. She began blogging to share the funnier side of parenting teens, which can often be a less than funny endeavor. Her blog has evolved into a place where people can get a daily laugh, take life a little less serious and realize that this ride we call parenthood should be savored. Each week her Time to Cry Tuesday posts take a break from the humor and focus on a poignant look at life –sometimes family-related, sometimes personal growth, always reflective....more

    I love my kids

    I'm just loving my kids. A place for parents to come and share how much they love their kids! You will also find lots of fun giveaways, product reviews, freebies. I love my kids blog features family friendly products and items....more

    I was there last night. Where to next?

    This is the personal blog of Janetti Chon, content manager for the Web 2.0 Expo. I started this blog to share my experiences growing into the role of community manager. I write about travel, conferences, cities, deep thoughts, great toy/gift finds and my overall random escapades as a member of the Web 2.0 community. ...more


    I’m a former IT professional turned stay at home mom. I have traveled the US installing computer systems; I have worked for huge corporations; I have worked for a small private University and have held many other positions in between. But none of my jobs prepared me for what a stay at home mom goes through every day. I used to bitch and moan about users who couldn’t print to save their lives or forgot how to actually turn on their computer. Now I complain about the tantrums my toddler throws. Sometimes to mix it up a little, I complain about the bad drivers on the road....more

    Ideally speaking...

    Parenting, fashion, the environment, politics and life in general. All from my point of view. Mildly naïve & wildly idealistic....more

    Identity Woman

    iHeart the Walk of Life...

    Location Florida United States See map: Google Maps Blogging about everyday God, my family, and my home....more

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