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    Nadine Racing

    Nadine Lajoie is: a championship motorcycle racer, an international motivational speaker, an author, a coach, a musician and singer, a real estate investor, and a finance expert who is dedicated to help others reach the life of their dreams with balance and passion! Nadine is speaking to "IN-Powering" countless others worldwide with a completely UNIQUE NEW  "twist" using motorcycle racing as a metaphor for life; and provide a powerful and energetic message to embody success, adrenaline and power with softness, music, personal growth, spirituality a...more


    This is fairly new and Just getting it started but I do have a number of post on my blog and it is a little bit of everything I do not blog just about one thing .  It is not like a freebie site or anything like that I just share information with who ever follows ...more

    Navigating the Social Web & Other Stories

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps   Providing tips and useful information related to social media for small businesses and content creation in the health, wellness and lifetsyle ares. The goal of my blog is to keep up  with technology/social media that can help businesses gain visibility online, allowing them to focus on their actual business....more

    Needles, Pins and Baking Tins

    Computer Programing by day. Knitting, Crocheting, Quilting, Sewing, Cooking, Baking and Cat Lovin’ by night....more

    Neha Tiwari Pvt. Ltd.

    The world through my ink-lined eyes. ...more

    Neither Here Nor There

    Location Americam Midwest United States See map: Google Maps I was never a particularly athletic kid.  My nose was usually stuck in a book.  But I had a fascination with the runners and triathletes that I would sometimes watch on TV.  I remember watching an Ironman race on NBC and thinking how amazing those people were and dreaming of being one of them. In the past few years I have realized that I will never be an elite athlete, but it does not mean that I can't train to participate in triathlons, marathons, and other races.  You don't have to be fast....more

    NEPA Blogs

    Location Northeastern Pennsylvania United States See map: Google Maps A clearinghouse providing links to blogs and other sites about Northeastern Pennsylvania or by people from Northeastern Pennsylvania....more

    NetWorking Witches

    Networking Witches started as a duo of virtual managers for a now defunct children’s virtual world. The Networking Witches team, went on their own to create the “mommy blog” Networking Witches. Taking a step to the side and braving a new world with a name that isn’t politically correct and creating their own Mom Marketing website, Joie Betterly (aka Winter Witch) and Rose Green (Redneck Witch) have worked tirelessly to make the company a success....more

    New Media Builder

    New Media Builder is a blog about social media, web design, and new media marketing for small businesses and individuals looking to grow their online presence....more


    Location NighLon 150 Donald Road Seneca, Sc 29678 United States See map: Google Maps I am passionate about social media and marketing. I blog to help bloggers and website owners of all marketing levels "dress up their marketing." I share marketing/ social media tips as well as general blogging tips. I write a weekly post of Marketing With Facebook. I started this series 3 weeks ago with a very basic post about how to set up a Facebook fanpage. I would love to join BlogHer. I feel that I can add to the community as well as learn. I am always excited to learn something new. ...more

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