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  • palmerbennett

    Location @ home Raleigh, NC United States See map: Google Maps My writing is filled with witty situations and realizations that relay my truth as a single, working mother of biracial heritage....more

    I've just discovered this world and am already in love! Speaking of love...I hope you'll take ...more


    personal development and universal philosophies.... ...more

    Part Time Pefectionist

    Part Time Perfectionist is a blog about social media, tech,  and living the Gen Y life in the silicon valley....more
  • Paul Gillin's blog - Social Media and the Open Enterprise

    How did you manage to get your blog lisitng to be first?

    I have bookmarked your blog - what ...more

    Pay The Bills and More

    Simply Put:   We want to help YOU Survive, Thrive & Succeed in an economy that is designed for loss and failure! Mission   Vision: To inspire and empower people to become self-sufficient and location independent while doing what they love, changing the way they generate revenues to provide for themselves and their families. Mission: We will do this by providing ea...more


    Location The National Capital Canada See map: Google Maps Perspectives of an international Shadow Coach...more

    Petit Mom

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps A young mom on a budget! Blogging about life, family, reviews and randomness....more

    Plz & Thx

    Plz & Thx is a fresh take on etiquette, netiquette and modern manners. We consider modern etiquette conundrums to help each of us act more thoughtfully in today's fast-paced, plugged-in, interconnected world.  Why bother?Previous generations never had to manage their lives in both the real and virtual world. Codes of conduct have changed, and it seems we need a refreshing dose of modern manners now more than ever....more

    Podcasting News

  • Polish My Crown

    Location San Francisco United States See map: Google Maps The Polish My Crown blog is a quick resource for inspiration, positivity and joy. My friends and I started calling ourselves “queens” jokingly awhile ago to maintain positive self-image in all situations – think of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” philosophy. Ultimately, I’ve learned to laugh in most situations and learn from all situations.  What I want to bring you with this blog is motivation to life an extravagantly happy and peaceful life....more
    Your blog totally resonated with sounds like we both started a blog for a lot of the ...more

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