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    Reality 101 -- Class is in Session (DawnPapuga,.com)

    Reality 101 is my personal site covering topics that range from Comic Books, Film, and Feminism to MMA commentary, Creative Writing prompts, and Social issues. It’s a place to communicate with like-minded individuals and share opinions (comments are always welcome).  This site was born out of my work in the Social/New Media world, and serves as an outlet for my unquenchable desire to inspire creative thinking and uses of Social Media.  ...more

    Reason Creek

    Location Tucso, Arizona United States See map: Google Maps Blog created in 2012 by Nancy Hill on life, the universe, and everything that tends to focus on writing, technology, politics, and life once the kids are raised.  The posts tend to be progressive, feminist, and humanist and site and/or link to data sources.  This is a consolidation and continuation of much that I've written for previous blogs I've created and maintained since 2001.  I will also add pieces of net writing and "newsletter" posts I circulated before "blogging" became de rigueur.   ...more

    Rebecca's Pocket

    Culture, technology, media, and the occasional recipe. ...more

    Reed What Matters

    Reed What Matters; Family Knowledge and Entertainment. Reed What Matter's gives honorable mention to those that are contributing to our communities, offers information on local events, reviews of places and products that any member of the family may enjoy and find beneficial, recipes, tips for the family, how to articles, family fun, policies that need change that effect or families, our family tidbits, and technical advise that will benefit a any person.   ...more

    ReelSolidTV @ BlogHerBiz '07

    I attended BlogHerBiz '07 with Rox from BeachWalks.TV, and I am blogging media from the conference here. ...more

    Reid All About It

    My blog helps individuals and organizations learn how to use social media to engage their members, prospects and customers. I also dip into other topics of interest to the association and social media community. I focus on the association market because that's my background and I continue to work with associations on a freelance basis....more

    Reinventing Media

    Those of us in online media are on the cutting edge of reinventing a critical channel for human communication. It's exciting, historic, and perplexing. Often we're so focused on problem-solving that we lose sight of our role as pioneers. Today's offhand decisions become tomorrow's precedents and benchmarks. My aim in this blog is to contemplate progress and strategize next steps in the process of reinventing media for the digital age. ...more

    Renee Blodgett's Down The Avenue

    Down The Avenue is a blog dedicated to delivering news and insights on technology, marketing, public relations, politics, media and life. Its goal is to provide an 'authentic perspective' to many of the issues that touch the industry, including mobile wireless, corporate blogging, aggregation, digital audio technology, VoIP, and publishing. Philosophical insights and personal experience are blended into its daily posts. ...more

    Renee Clare-Kovacs skirt!blog

    Renee CK blogs about life with kids, life with autsim, life in America, life in the south, life with people who annoy her, and, in general life! Just when you think she's too serious, she'll reach in and grab your funny bone. This blog will leave you nodding along in agreement or shouting with disappointment. Either way, you'll be glad you read it. ...more

    Resonance Partnership Blog

    Writing about marketing, blog marketing, word of mouth marketing, customer experience, social media, non-profit marketing...sometimes respectfully, sometimes irreverently. ...more

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