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    Retail Therapy Lounge

    Welcome to the RETAIL THERAPY LOUNGE Here you can sit back, relax, and learn about our favorite shops, beauty, jewelry, fashion, pet gifts, things to buy and artist's wares. Enjoy and find cool stuff, reviews and giveaways....more

    Reticent Bitch

    Location Seattle, WA United States See map: Google Maps A quirky combination of content (everything from poetry to rants to sweet posts oozing with motherly love) written by a queer parent/wife/activist who loves to write and has an awful lot to say.   ...more

    Retire In Style Blog

    Women bloggers are not that uncommons but women bloggers that are retired but still involved with younger people are.  I am one of those people.  I write about retirement out here where the rubber meets the road but not exclusively. Because I am an older woman, I have found that I am not interested in any one subject and have experience in many of those that I find compelling. Blogging about life, people, travel, books, food, family, grandchildren and anything else I am thinking about is a gift that the blogging word has giving me. ...more

    Review From Here

    My blog centers around reviews of products and books for the most part.  It has over 700 unique hits a day.  I hope it gets approved.  Thanks!...more

    Rock+Paper+Music | Sass & Sensibility from Lorraine Devon Wilke

    This is my column. My slice of life. My big fat "Letter to the Editor." And like the rules of the game from which I borrowed the title, the focus of Rock+Paper+Music changes depending on which subject wins the throw-down on a given day! Sometimes it's politics, music, or writing, others it's kids & family. Often I'm inspired to cover a particular artist, band, movie or TV program that's either annoying the hell out of me or demanding my rapt attention....more

    Rogue Nation: The offical Blog of Geek Bouteek

    Welcome to the official blog of the Geek Bouteek, an online t-shirt store specializing in cool and funny t-shirts for geeks. Here you’ll find the musings of the collective Geek Bouteek staff on all things from the latest video games to the trials and tribulations of running a t-shirt store on the internet....more

    Run with Kate

    Run with Kate is my journey towards my first marathon, and a reminder that every day, there is a reason to smile. I am capturing life as a new runner, and learning how to live an active and healthy lifestyle in a positive way.  Find running tips, and follow my adventure to my first marathon – I’m sharing what I learn along the way, including the mistakes I’ve made and the not-so-good times....more

    Running in Stilettos

    Running in Stilettos is a lifestyle blog through which I share about my life, my style, my dreams and goals, my friends and family, and much more! It's just my funky, little piece of the blogosphere!...more

    Running Through Heels

    I'm a working mommy of two tow-headed kiddos who has an obsession with running (or all things endorphins), shoes, sports, blogging, fashion, crafts and coffee.  I also have a severe case of road-rage, type-A OCD and a potty mouth.  Intrigued?  Come on this hilarious journey with me. ...more

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