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    Tech Generation

    Technology, life with it, and the generation that uses it. ...more

    techipedia: anything tech

    A blog on the social media industry, web 2.0, among other things technology. ...more


    A personal journal with an emphasis on life, entertainment and technology. ...more

    Telling It Like It Is

    Hello! My name is Lin Burress and I am the sole author of Telling It Like It Is. My blog covers a wide range of topics relating to marriage, parenting, children and teens, dating, relationships, abusive relationships, child abuse, caring for elderly parents, and so much more. ...more

    Telling one story for every 'polkadot' on my face

    A glimpse into my world, and my family, from my point of view. My little platform, if you will, I have a lot to say. ...more

    Teresa M. Owen - Welcome to My World

    Horse eyeballs.  Asshole Apocalypse.  Bra Shrines.  These are some of the things you'll find on this blog.  You'll also find some useful tips for other writers and bloggers, and you might even be entertained.  Drop in!  Join in!...more

    Texas Word Tangle

    Words and thoughts from a native Texan, the mother of two boys and a writer. Growing science experiments in my refrigerator and hauling sports equipment in my car....more

    That Was Zen, This Is Tao

    That Was Zen, This Is Tao is a journey in haiblog -- brief, crisp prose in the tradition of Basho and the Way of Haikai -- made fresh for the modern urban dweller. One part personal journal, one part queer/trans activist literature, and one part artistic exploration, my blog provides a thoughtful alternative to the standard Internet noise and brings Zen-like focus, one click of tea at a time. ...more

    ThatGirl Blogs

    DSLR Photography, Mom of 5 Kids, Humor, Fun...  ...more

    The Basket Case Mommy: My Journey To Sanity

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 "The Breakfast Club": The Story Of My Life ...more

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