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    The Choice of Giving

    Location Blog Canada See map: Google Maps The Choice of Giving ~ Give to a girl. She'll change the world   A Blog by Women`s Fiction Author Lorhainne Eckhart...more

    The Cluck and Strut

    A blog about the life and humerous observations of a mid-life woman....more

    The Community for the Woman Business Owner

    Provides resources for the woman, her business, and her brand...more

    The Cosmopolitan Blog

    Discussing all things cosmopolitan, from restaurant reviews to general food discussions, from worldly political opinions to personal observations. Written by CosmoChick, a cosmopolitan chick-ita, citizen of the world, who believes in Cosmopolitanism (amongst other “isms”), and whose favorite drink is… a cosmopolitan! Come and join the discussion! The Cosmopolitan Blog: ...more

    The Cozy Reader

    A book review blog of mostly YA, paranormal, fantasy, dystopia and romance titles....more

    The Dentist Next Door

    The musings of a mother and dentist turned entrepreneur franchisee. My own personal story, biography if you will for the good of people everywhere and mostly to ease my own mind (and give me something to do)...Popcorn, teeth, life, kids, sports, food, recipes, books, friends, parents, loss, new beginnings, pets, seasons and anything else that's on my mind will appear on these blog pages....more

    The Digital Storyteller

    Where oral histories have passed down culture and tradition for thousands of years, now we utilize more technologically advanced ways of building narratives. This is where digital storytelling comes in. I am a writer, graphic designer, front-end developer, public speaker, Prezi designer, videographer, animator, and anything else that will help me tell stories in ways that resonate and engage audiences. This blog discusses digital storytelling for brands and individuals as well as best practices for using digital storytelling in a job search....more

    The Disney Planning Blog

    Location The Disney Planning Blog P,O, Box 10312 El Dorado, AR 71730 United States See map: Google Maps The Disney Planning Blog: Where Planning is Half the Fun!  We are a blog about planning Magical Vacations to your favorite Disney location.  We offer tips and tricks for your vacation, reivews on resorts and dining, to help you make your decisions, on where to stay and where to book....more

    The Diva Marketing Blog

    The Domestically Impaired Guide to the Retro Kitchen Arts

    Location Norman, OK United States See map: Google Maps My name is Kelli and I live in the southern mid-west.  I learned to can fruits and vegetables when I was eight years old, from my grandmother.  She taught me everything she knew and I have kept that knowledge with me for a very long time.  I like to can, mostly making jelly, jam, and marmalade as a hobby.  I am not a purist nor am I obsessed with not using sugar or pectin.   I really enjoy the process of canning and love to learn new things that other canners might be willing to share....more

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