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    Uhura's Odyssey

    Web 2.0 becomes Web 3.0, Boomers are from Mars, Generations X & Y come from Venus and Millenials ride the rings of Saturn. Why not turn to Lt. Uhura, Communications Officer for the U.S.S. Enterprise, for help in understanding new media, languages and even alien life forms? After all, a sassy attitude, modern technology and a hot red mini were all she needed to rock the galaxy. ...more

    Ultimate Biz Assistant

    Location Ottawa Canada See map: Google Maps Frances Palaschuk started her online career assisting clients build and maintain their Internet Marketing strategies. Over time Frances realized she had gained a lot of hands-on experience implementing Internet Marketing tactics. When someone asked her if she could package up everything she know and give it to them she knew she was onto something…...more

    Under The Georgia Sun

    Jodi's space to share faith, family, crafting and everything else Under the Georgia Sun!...more

    Unvlmom's Spot

    A spot in the Blog-o-sphere where 1 mom talks about crafts, cooking, clutter, blog hops, money, and life in general... PR and Family friendly. ...more

    Useful Graphic Design Tutorials

    Sisters Caroline Jones & Davina Brawn of Useful Graphic Design Tutorials helps small business owners learn how to make their own visual content to grow their business.Get their free graphic software video tutorials and pick up tips on how to use visuals to your advantage. ...more

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