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    A photography rich & humorous daily life blog that focuses on: being a woman & mom (raising kids, being a woman and a mom) living green (gardening, composting, cloth diapers) & being adventurous (nature, educational and free local activities).  ...more

    As Simple As That

    A blog that tackles the gift of life and all that comes wrapped up with the present. Written by a student journalist and advocate for human rights, fresh new content is delivered daily to inspire others to live the most meaningful life, here and now....more

    Ascender Rises Above

    Scatterlings . Perspective Renderings . Pointillism . Watercolor . Collage/Mixed Media . Dry/Oil Pastels . A Painting A Day . Award-Winning Graphic Design . Upcoming Illustrated Novel ...more

    Ashley Gill: A Personal Weblog

    A twentysomething new mother writes her way through the sometimes-painful experiences of learning as she goes. ...more

    Ask a Gay

    I am a Boston based comedian  here to answer questions based on my experience and info I glean from the interwebs about what this gay thing is all about. I'm aiming to achieve understanding and education through open dialogue and to make you chuckle. ...more
  • Ask the Editor

    A blog about all things publishing by writer-editor Anita Bartholomew, with a focus on informatiion of interest to writers of fiction and narrative non-fiction: news, interviews with publishing professionals, advice, market intelligence, publishing technology, and trends. ...more

    I have been reading lately, that non-fiction books are dying. Is it the economy or is it a lack ...more

    Aspirin and Boku-maru

    I am a first-time blogger with a beautiful one-year-old girl. I enjoy good food, good drinks and the company of good people. I love watching the sun rise. ...more


    Whimsical entertaining Mother Earth astrology...more


    Feeling naughty? Even the stars have secrets, you know. At AstroWhat, you can take a peek at the world through the irreverent eyes of astrology writer Laura F. Walton (aka AstroVoyeur.) Cosmic weather updates, free monthly forecasts, rants, rambles, shameless revelations...you'll find it all at AstroWhat! ...more


    Take a peek at love, sex, and human behavior through the eyes of Laura F. Walton, your favorite peeping astrologer. Monthly horoscopes, current astrological weather reports, articles, rants, you name it...who knew astrology could be so sexy? ...more

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